Oh, the places you’ll sleep! Sisters’ sleeping spots will make you LOL

Some kids will do anything to get out of having a sleep. Others, like the Oesar girls, are the complete opposite. They can fall asleep pretty much anywhere and everywhere. And they do.

Their mum has the photos to prove it. If you have a child who can fall asleep at the blink of an eye, then you most likely have a photo gallery of hilarious sleeping shots too (and we want to see them, so make sure you share them in the Facebook comments for a follow-up post!).


Dinner. Wasted. #quinncoleptic

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

Getting your kids to sleep is one of the hardest parts of parenting for many. But for mum-of-six, Meghan Oesar (she’s the lady behind the hilarious instructional letter to her husband on how to take care of their six little ones), getting her two youngest girls (Penny, 3 and Quinn, 5) to sleep is the easy part. It’s getting them to actually sleep in their beds that is proving impossible.

After all, why fall asleep in a comfortable bed when you can fall asleep on a sanitary pad? Or in a wagon? Or on top of a treasure chest?


Must be an Oeser thing… #growingupOeser #passedoutpenny

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

And, as any mum would do, Meghan captures and showcases her daughters’ strange sleeping habits on Instagram through the hashtags #passedoutpenny and #quinncoleptic.

So just where have Quinn and Penny opted to pass out lately?

On a panty-liner

Because nothing is more comfortable or protective than a Kotex (no, we were not paid to write this).


You know it’s Monday when… You mistake a panty liner for a pillow. #passedoutpenny #pennyproblems

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

Beside the toilet

And with the pants down too.


I can’t make this stuff up. Couldn’t find Quinn when dinner was ready. #poopedout #quinncoleptic

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

At least Penny managed to find a mat.


When you’re frantically searching for the baby… #lakelife #passedoutpenny

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

In a shopping trolley

Surrounded by wine. 

Even toy trolleys will do.


She’s like a tiny little drunk person… Every. Day. #passedoutpenny

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

In the middle of a snack

Bowl in hand. Fast asleep. A re-run of Friends in the background. Love it.


How do you Friday night? #passedoutpenny

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

Actually, anytime it’s meal time, it’s also nap time

According to Quinn at least.


Francesca wasted… #quinncoleptic

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

If the chair is awkward and uncomfortable, then Quinn’s out.


How? Just. How? #quinncoleptic

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

On a treasure chest

Never mind the comfortable couch right beside it …


How long until she face plants? #passedoutpenny

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

Well … that works too.


Because… #chicagoblackhawks #number1fan #passedoutpenny

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

On mum’s face

It’s not like mum wanted to get up anyway.

Or breathe.

And, of course, in a wagon

Wagon naps are the best.


When you have a 5 year old the size of an American Girl Doll… #passedoutinan18inchradioflyer #quinncoleptic

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

And on an exercise ball

Well it sure beats actually exercising with the thing.



A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

But perhaps the sweetest thing about these sleeping sisters is the fact they’ve been doing it since they were babies. Just check out baby Penny fast asleep sitting up, cradling her nasal spray. As you do.


Who DOESN’T fall asleep hugging their nasal spray? #passedoutpenny

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

We are sure this isn’t the last time we’re going to be writing about this hilarious family. In addition to the sleeping sisters (Penny and Quinn), the Oesar family consists of funny mum Meghan, her incredibly tolerant husband, plus four older children – Bailey, Harper, Ella and Jack.

You can check out all of their hilarious antics through the hashtag #growingupoeser.


GREASON SEETINGS from the Oesers!!! #christmascard2015 #christmascard

A photo posted by Meghan Oeser (@moeserphoto) on

We sense a television series coming soon … or at least a few hundred more funny sleeping shots.

Make sure you share your your child’s hilarious sleeping spots. We will be putting together a compilation of the very best later in the month and would love to feature your sleeping beauties.

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