Oh hurrah! George and Amal’s twins have arrived!

George and Amal Clooney

The extremely clever and accomplished Amal Clooney has given birth to twins and her husband George is overwhelmed with excitement!

Welcome Ella and Alexander!

The tri-lingual barrister and humanitarian, who married actor George Clooney in September 2014, is apparently recovering from the birth excellently, in typical Amal style.

A spokesperson for the couple released the following statement shortly after the birth of their twins – a little boy and a little girl – at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

‘”This morning Amal and George welcomed Ella and Alexander Clooney into their lives. Ella, Alexander and Amal are all healthy, happy and doing fine. George is sedated and should recover in a few days.”

These are the first children for George and Amal who live on a spectacular estate in Berkshire, England where there seems to be plenty of room for growing kiddos to run about away from the media’s prying eyes.

Keeping it traditional

The new parents have chosen very non-celeb, traditional names for their new babies.

Ella – is currently the 17th most popular name on baby name site Nameberry and has German/English origin. Ella means “all, completely; fairy maiden”.

Alexander – a Greek name, means “defending men” and is Nameberry’s 11th most popular baby name at the moment.

We predict they’ll rocket up the charts even further with the Clooney seal of approval.

“Great people”

While dapper George used to have a reputation as a bit of an eternal bachelor, it seems he’s truly met his match in Amal. Now that they’ve worked out how to be together (presumably!) they get the next-level challenge of working out how to be parents together.

George’s pal, actor Matt Damon, says they’re up for the challenge and that twins couldn’t have happened to a nicer pair.

“He has it coming. I had them one at a time you know and that was plenty!” Matt told ET Online with a laugh.

“The two of them, they’re just great people and they’re going to be great parents. It’s going to be a huge challenge, I mean, one baby cries, wakes the other up. It’s going to be on in that household, [but] he doesn’t sleep a lot anyway. He’ll be alright. I’m serious, he’s got a hell of a work ethic.”

Seems like they’re all set to do this parenting thing, then!

We’re looking forward to catching a glimpse of the new arrivals, when their parents are ready.

Congratulations, new family!

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