Oh, Albert – a book about a cheeky pup who loves to chew

If you have a pet who is a bit of a rascal, you’re sure to appreciate Oh, Albert. With fun antics and a message about love, this sweet picture book is a great family read. 

Written by Davina Bill and illustrated by Sara Acton, Oh, Albert is the story of a cheeky pup who just can’t get it right. On each day of the week, when everyone is out, he manages to wreck havoc on the household. From pink ribbons to party cakes, Albert just loves to eat.

oh albert inside page

One by one the family members get cross with Albert, until he eventually eats something that makes him sick. In a book that is otherwise relatively lighthearted, the subsequent trip to the vet is beautifully done. It adds another layer of depth to the book, and helps kids to realise that even when we do things wrong love is the most important thing. It can be a great place to start a conversation with your kids about love and forgiveness.

Maybe you can even throw in a comment on how too much chocolate can make kids sick too. It doesn’t make adults sick though, right?

My son loved reading this book with me, and immediately requested a re-read. Personally, I particularly enjoyed Albert’s facial expressions.

Published by Penguin, you can pick up a copy of Oh, Albert online through Book Depository.

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