“Nothing stops him” Chris Hemsworth’s 3-year-old is a fearless Baby Thor

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Patacky

Chris Hemsworth just shared a story about his intrepid son, revealing he’s a mini action hero and is ready to step in as his dad’s understudy at the drop of a hat. Or hammer.

Twin life

Chris and wife, Elsa Pataky are parents to five-year-old daughter India, and three-year-old twin boys, Tristan and Sasha.

Chris appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last week, where he shared a relatable tale of boisterous behaviour – and the worried feels that followed. It’s a compelling story of resilience and bouncing-back, as you are about to find out …

“It’s a funny story, at the end,” Chris begins explaining that the son who recently featured in a widely-shared fridge-scaling video on Instagram is a perpetual risk-taker.

“So basically, he was in the golf cart, because in the neighbourhood you ride golf carts around.”

“My son’s sitting in the back seat and my other son and my daughter, and my wife’s there and they’re driving. He’s looking out. All of a sudden as they’re driving along, he just leaps out of the golf cart. While it’s moving.”

“What the hell are you doing?!”

At this point Elsa is freaking out, as her three-year-old is obviously a little worse for wear, thanks to this improvised stunt.

“My wife’s like, ‘What the hell are you doing?!!'” He’s like, half crying, sulking, but more embarrassed that he didn’t stick the landing,” Chris explains, laughing. “She comes into work and I’m on set. She’s like ‘I’ve got to take him to the doctor, I think’.

“I’m like, ‘He’s fine. He’s not even crying.’ I pick him up.” Chris indicates his son is continuing to hold his sore leg and groaning a bit. “‘You alright buddy?'”

“He’s not even crying”

Luckily there’s some expert advice on tap, so Chris and Elsa ask her to weigh in.

“We get the set nurse to come over. She says ‘it’s not broken, he’s fine, he’s not even crying, but take him [to the doctor] anyway’.”

“My wife takes him off to the doctor. The doctor’s like ‘it can’t be broken, I’ll give him an x-ray anyway.'”

“Gives the X-ray, says ‘Oh my god, it’s a really bad fracture through his femur. It’s close to breaking all the way through.'”

“We have to rush him off to hospital, put him in a cast, strap him up. And the whole time, he’s more angry that he didn’t land on his feet!”


Apparently you can’t take the daredevil out of the boy, though, because Mr Three was quickly at it again.

“Four weeks go by, he gets the cast off. A day or two later, I’m cooking dinner and he’s standing over on the bench top … He’s like ‘Papa! Look my leg’s better!’ I’m like ‘Nooooooo!’ [he] leaps off the bench. Perfect landing.”

“Is that why you had twins, in case one of them does get picked off?” Jimmy asks later.

“[Or] if we didn’t like one we could like … ‘I’ll give you back'” Chris laughs, miming handing back a baby.

Every parent who’s pondered whether a sore limb is possibly broken or simply a kid-powered hoax will relate to this story. We suspect there are further instalments to come, in the adventures of Baby Thor ..!

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