Not just jeans

After a few failed attemps to find a pair of dark straight-leg jeans online that would fit our 2-year old, my wife and I decided to brave the weekend crowds and head to the shopping center.

We got there early on Saturday morning, but quickly realised that our daughter was not in a mood to try on clothes. So, our strategy became finding shops with a return policy that would let us buy, try on at home, and return later.

After half an hour of running from store to store, we had assembled an inventory from the following stores:

Pumpkin Patch
David Jones (Oshkosh & Gumboots)

This is what we discovered…  

By far our favourite in terms of styling were the Gumboots jeans (which we had to buy from David Jones as the Gumboots store would not give a refund). They have beautiful details and are made incredibly well.

Unfortunately, they seem to be made for smaller children, which meant that the size that fit our daughter was not meant to be worn over a nappy and so was very tight around the groin. She kept complaining every time we tried them on her (3 times just in case as we were desperately hoping she would wear them).  

Our next favourite were the Dark Denim Jeans from Seed (currently sold out online), which are also beautifully made with great fabric, but unfortunately a size 4 wouldn’t even get past her thighs.

The Oshkosh jeans fit better, and seemed incredibly strong and durable. The downside of this was that they were a bit unforgiving at the waist and pinched a little.

The Esprit jeans had come in a great colour but even with the elastic adjustable waist they gaped open and after getting her to perform a standard activity test (running to the door and back), they had fallen down so far that she was walking like a penguin.

That left only one pair, which to our pleasant sruprise were great. The Pumpkin Patch jeans are made of a nice thin slightly elastic denim (great for allowing movement at the park), have an adjustable waist that manages to stay up, but not pinch at the same time, and have subtle, but interesting detailing on the pockets. They also happened to be the least expensive of all the styles we tried, which ranged in cost from $34.95 to $69.95.

We’re going back to buy another pair next weekend.

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