Not your traditional crayon art from Pete Goldlust

crayon carving, sculpture, art

crayon carving, sculpture, art

If you have a little spare time on your hands and are feeling a little artistic, how about lending your hand to some crayon carving.

Hot on the heels of our pencil sculpting revelation comes the discovery of Pete Goldlust’s incredible carved wax crayons. Each crayon is immaculately presented – there’s not a single scratch upon the waxy surface nor a slip or mistake in pattern to be seen.

A look at Pete Goldlust reveals that each carefully carved crayon has a name – and they are clearly not chosen with any old plucked-from-the-sky method. With names like Crazy Mel, Self-Portrait as a Foot Massager and Gold Croc you can’t help but admire such ingenuity!

The skill and patience it must take to form such beauty from an otherwise ordinary crayon is amazing. I can’t help but wonder how these talented folk think of these things – next time I’m watching the television when the kids are in bed, I might just have to find myself a crayon…

(via Within The Cranium)

crayon carving, sculpture, art

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