Not sleeping like a baby? White Noise might be the answer.

You’ve made the house quiet, burped the baby and put him in his beautiful nursery to sleep. Everything should be set for successful snoozing, right? Think again, research suggests newborns don’t like the quiet and miss the rocking and white noise of the womb. So if your little one is restless, perhaps you need sounds to soothe. Luckily, there’s an app for that!

Imagine for a moment what it’s like in the womb, all those noises from mum’s digestion, her heart beating, her voice booming and lungs breathing all the time. It’s hardly the quietest place. In fact, research has shown that the noise levels in utero are surprisingly loud, not far off a lawnmower!

White noise app7

It’s no surprise then that a quiet environment can make newborns anxious, since silence is so unfamiliar. Here’s where the White Noise app by TM Soft can help. White Noise generates sounds over a wide range of frequencies, providing comforting background noise for baby to fall asleep to, then masking any noisy interruptions once they’ve drifted off.

White noise app6

With more than 40 white noise classics such as air conditioner, crowded room and extreme rain pouring, there’s sure to be a setting your baby loves. Plus if you’ve been sleeping with your newborn in your room, you’ll have noticed they are noisy little sleepers, grunting and snuffling while they snooze. So if you leave the White Noise app on when you go to bed, it will help mask these small noises so you can sleep better too! Isn’t anything that might buy you a little more precious sleep worth a try?

If your little treasure is fractious during the day you might also want to check out the comforting Tranquilo Mat, which works on similar principles.

The White Noise app is available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC for about $3.

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