It’s not just baby’s birthday! 5 items you really need for your “birth” day

pregnant woman with notebook packing suitcase

In years to come, the day your baby was born will always be their special day – but right now it’s YOUR “birth” day too! You won’t need a cake (although you can certainly have one if you want it) but that doesn’t mean there’s no preparation to be done in advance. Here are five things we think will make the day you give birth (and the days immediately afterwards) more enjoyable.

1. A toiletries bag with nice new gear in it

Go on, splash out! You might be looking at only one night in hospital, or perhaps up to a week, but one thing’s for sure – the shower you have after you give birth will be one of the most refreshing of your life, so you should treat yourself with some lovely lotions and potions. 

2. Something to look after your sore bits

Let’s not mince words, it’s likely to be pretty sore down there afterwards. The midwives will be able to furnish you with some ice packs, but you might want to take things a step further. You could get one of those little mini inflatable donut things to sit on, or even something a bit fancy like these Bodyice Perineum Strips, which you can use for relief during labour as well as freezing to use afterwards.

3. A device loaded with plenty of stuff you like

Maybe it’s a tablet, maybe it’s a laptop, maybe it’s just your phone – but spend some time beforehand loading up some fresh content that will help you take your mind off the pain (initially) and then keep you awake through feeds (afterwards). Believe it or not, there is actually a fair bit of sitting around during labour and it’s great to have things to take your mind off how long it might be taking! It’s not the time for heavy political dramas, but lightweight comedies, fun podcasts or a new addictive app might be just the thing to get ready ahead of time.

4. A bra that’s comfortable enough to sleep in

This is a pretty busy week for your boobs, and you’re going to feel it. Every bit of added support is going to help you keep going (and we’re not just talking about your mum coming over to do the washing). While your milk is coming in, you need the kind of bra that’s stretchy enough to accommodate daily (hourly?) size fluctuation while still being supportive enough to make you glad you put it on. A bra like the Fertile Mind Super Bra for Nursing will do all that, plus it has the comfort and style of a crop top, which is great for sleeping in.

5. A long, slouchy cardigan

Here’s a thing that you can’t control in a hospital room – the temperature. You’ll never regret finding a long cardigan that you love and using your impending birth as an excuse to buy it. From a postnatal point of view – you can wear it everywhere after you give birth for a bit of extra warmth (or to cover up whatever else is going on underneath). Sure, you could also use a dressing gown to the same end, but there’s something about putting on clothing that isn’t nightwear that makes you feel like you’re kicking goals.

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