North West and her BFF adorably review Kylie Jenner’s new lippy

It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of trashy TV and if I had to play favourites, I think North West and Penelope Disick might top my most adorable reality kid list.

Scientifically proven pulp

While you may throw shade in my direction as I delightedly follow reality antics, know that it’s not only one of my favourite things to do, it’s making me smarter. Science tells us that people who love low-brow TV and films are basically geniuses. Not that I’m blowing my own trumpet or anything.

I’m just saying feel free to revel in the knowledge that science gives you permission to watch any old crap you like. It’s a helpful way to gather intel about the human condition AND it’s fantastically de-stressing too.

Lip kid

Now that you’ve a) clicked away in superior, high-brow disgust or b) fist-bumped the screen in solidarity, let’s get down to business. The business of North West, that is.

In a video series shared on the kylizzlesnapchats Instagram account (is this a fan account? Or Kylie’s own? I am unsure!) we see North and her little pal sampling the latest Kylie Lip Kit and it’s not only delightful, it’s BOLD.

First, North’s bestie Ryan steps up for some lippy as 3-year-old North chatters away about spiders and their degree of scariness.



Next, it’s North’s turn for some fancy-face action. This time Kylie is on the other end of the lip gloss because she’s the boss and also because North’s adorable face might just put her in the running to be number one Lip Kit spirit creature. Kylie is obviously v inspired.



After that, there’s some lip-smacking action. I am not sure about the colour. It’s very Halloween-meets-Transylvanian-Vogue. North totally loves it. She’s much more fashion forward than me. She wears taupe, sometimes, even.



Finally we get a little bit of home-shopping network inspired product placement and North and Ryan show us their lips and flash the Lip Kit packaging.

Notice that North is casting her clever, critical eye over Kylie’s Lip Kit design, considering how she’d have done it better. Expect a re-design any day now.



Not-so-secret girls’ business

I note that North is nailing the 90’s revival t-shirt under dress look, also recently sported by Marie Claire editor, Nina Garcia on the latest season of Project Runway. #FunFact

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