NoBob – sleeping in the car just got more comfortable for kids

There are a lot of words I’d use to describe driving with kids. ‘Relaxing’ is not one of them. 

Since having children I’ve discovered that although the rear vision mirror is great for a bunch of things (like driving, for example), it’s not always ideal for checking what your kids are up to in the back seat. Especially when they’re sleeping and their heads are at all sorts of crazy, worrying angles (I should note that my husband is a maths teacher which pretty much makes me legitimately qualified to comment on angles). 

The NoBob is an innovation by a mother who wanted to make car trips more relaxing for everyone. It’s aptly named after its aim – ‘no bob’; to keep children’s heads in a comfortable position while they’re asleep in the car, giving the driver peace of mind and reducing the need for rear vision sticky-beaking. 

NoBob 2

NoBobs are compatible with most car seats, and come in five cuddly character options, so your child can choose which animal they’d like to help them sleep. It’s basically like having a helpful stuffed toy! 

Designed to cradle your child’s head while they sleep and to slip up and off in the event of an accident (which has been crash tested), the Nobobs don’t interfere with the normal safety functions of your car seat. 

nobob awake

With a great idea and fun designs, this funded Kickstarter project is sure to make nap time in the car a lot more relaxing for everyone. 

The NoBob is priced from US$41. Contact NoBob directly to enquire about shipping to Australia.

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