No time to be sick? Neither do these mums, so here’s what they did about it

There’s no such thing as a sick day when you’re a mum. You’ll long for the pre-children days, where you could spend hours in bed resting and recovering from a cold or the flu. But don’t feel like you have to be a martyr, there is a solution at hand. Vicks has just launched its new Vicks Action Cold & Flu range in Australia – so we hunted down four snuffly, sneezing, sick mums to test it out. Did it work?

We’re settling into winter very nicely down here in Australia, so in anticipation of cold and flu season, we asked some of our favourite bloggers to try out the Vicks range for us – and here’s what happened.

vicks kate

You may have already seen the Vicks Action Cold & Flu range pop up in your local pharmacy – there’s Day Relief, Night Relief (thank goodness), Day & Night Relief (even better) and Nasal Relief. The range tackles those six annoying cold and flu symptoms: blocked nose, headache, runny nose, body aches, sore throat, pain and fever. The products are Codeine-free, and use clinically proven ingredients like paracetamol, phenylephrine and chlorpheniramine which are all designed to help kick those symptoms to the curb.

Did Vicks Action Cold & Flu relieve those six annoying cold and flu symptoms?

It’s hard enough to look after yourself when you’re crook, but try looking after a baby, toddler or child – that’s the definition of painful. Bel, from Mums Take Five, said relief came quickly so she could get on with things, “It wasn’t long before my symptoms started to lessen. Relief from body aches was the first thing I noticed and my headache although not gone was definitely better and easier to cope with.”

vicks take five

Mum of two Kate, from Happy Ella After, found welcome relief from Vicks, with the Night Relief particularly helping to ease sore throat pain and her headache.

Taking care of four kids and feeling poorly – Kel from All Mum Said was all at sea when she tucked into her Vicks care pack. She said, “My nose stopped running and my headache pain was reduced. Made man-flu seem more bearable without even trying any other methods.”

Laura from Mizz Mummy decided to test it out on her chef husband. “My hubby had the onset of a cold and he was straight onto Vicks Action Cold & Flu under my recommendation and was still able to get to work every day throughout the duration of its unwelcome visit. It was so effective that it allowed him to keep functioning!”

vicks laura

Were you able to manage your mum duties after taking Vicks Action Cold & Flu?

Bel says, “Being able to stay on top of your game as a busy mum is essential even when you do have the flu so to be able to push through, lower those symptoms and provide your family with hugs and kisses they need is my priority. Vicks Action Cold & Flu made that possible both during the day and at night when only mum’s hug will do.”

The fast-acting nature of Vicks Action was a winner for Kate, who says, “It gave me relief pretty quickly. I’m always on the look out for products that can help me sail through sickness quickly and this certainly has helped take the edge off!”

Kel explains that it wasn’t long before she was back to her normal self, “The coughing and spluttering stopped which gave my throat a chance to heal. My nose stopped running which meant I wasn’t constantly wiping it. Over 48 hours I went from feeling like death to an energetic mum running around with her kids. It was a welcome surprise!”

vicks kell

The final word

So would our mums recommend Vicks Action Cold & Flu?

Bel, Mums Take Five: “It’s great for busy mums who need to keep going when they have the flu. Get back on deck quickly [and get] relief from those flu symptoms that keep you down. I’d recommend it for mums who need to be back in action as soon as possible. I hate taking medications at night in case I don’t wake if/when my kids need me. Vicks Action gave me relief without wiping me out for the night.” Overall rating: 4/5

Kate, Happy Ella After: “I would recommend it to mums who are busy and have no time for sickness. For those who are worried about using harsher products. The Vicks brand is well regarded and reliable.” Overall rating: 4/5

Kel, All Mum Said: “The new Vicks Action Cold & Flu Day tablets work exactly as the packet says. It isn’t every day that happens but when you are sick you want something that works and works fast without making you drowsy. This is definitely it! I was so impressed with the Vicks Cold & Flu tablets that I actually made a care package for my friend when she got the flu and included a packet in there.” Overall rating: 5/5

Laura, Mizz Mummy: “Vicks gets you back on your feet sooner, which is GREAT news because if mum’s down then the whole house is down! I would happily recommend it to anyone looking for an effective cold and flu relief. The daddy of this household is a chef and needs to be at his optimum at all times especially with hot grills and a fast-paced workplace – Vicks Action made work possible for him! He would cut off two and take them with him to keep him going when he was sick. A great product that he swore works to his work mates coming down with the flu.” Overall rating: 5/5

If you’re keen to stay up and about for your family when the dreaded lurgy strikes, the new Vicks Action Cold & Flu range is available now.

*Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your health care professional.

(This is a sponsored post for Vicks)

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