No more spills with the Lovi 360 cup

Lovi 360 cup

Lovi 360 cup

Making the transition from a bottle or cup with a teat to a regular cup can be a tricky (and messy) time for your child, and indeed for everyone involved! Here is a revolutionary style of cup which promises to make things just a bit easier.

It’s the Lovi 360 cup and two things make it a great improvement on standard infant and toddler cups. The first is its spill-free lid. Yes, you’ve heard that before, and it’s true that it’s amazing how easily a child can remove the lid from a full drinking cup, regardless of whether it is the snap on or screw on variety.

The Lovi 360 cup is different, because its snap on lid fits securely the whole way around the rim of the cup, creating a secure seal. The child must actively suck the liquid out through the seal, which means even if the cup is dropped on the floor or left upside down in the cot, nothing will come out. It also means your child can drink from any side of the cup (since there is no spout) just like a normal cup, making the transition to regular cups much easier when the time comes.

The Lovi 360 cup comes in three different sizes, two of them smaller with removable handles, and a larger cup for older kids. You can buy the all the versions of the Lovi 360 cup from Papenboo. The mini cup is $17.95 and the junior and active cups (for older children) are $18.95.

Lovi 360 cup

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