No more kids rolling out of bed with StayPut bed sheets

For those of you who have ever picked a crying child up off their bedroom floor in the middle of the night – we have the solution to keep them from taking a sleepy tumble! 

It seems like such a simple idea, but it’s taken crafty Australian mum of three, Katrina Calder, to finally put an end to sleepy falls out of bed. They’re called StayPut bed sheets, and we love them!


StayPut are cotton sheets, that can help make that tricky transition from cot to bed a little easier. Those of us who have done the transition know how heart-stopping it can be when you hear a thump in the night, followed by tears.  I have two boys who refuse to stay tucked in, thus making them cold and prone to waking in the night, and these sheets would no doubt be perfect to keep them toasty.


The sheets help children stay in bed, without the need for a bed rail. The StayPut sheet is a top sheet attached to a fitted sheet by two zips at the head end and poppers at the feet. Here’s how Katrina explains why she created StayPut:

“My son was regularly waking up cold because he’d fallen out of bed or kicked off his covers. With three young children, the lack of sleep was exhausting, so in desperation, I devised my first StayPut sheet in 2009, which kept him warm, and the other kids and us asleep.”

By pure chance Katrina had created something many parents were crying out for, so five years later she has launched her first range of StayPut sheet sets.


The sheets are designed to be used in place of the kids’ regular bed sheets. They are currently available in white, and come in three sizes, large cot ($59.95), single ($89.95) and king single ($99.95). These sets include a top sheet attached to a fitted sheet plus a pillow case. If you’re quick there is free postage on the sets, to celebrate the launch of StayPut


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