No more hot and sticky, sleepless nights with a Close Comfort air conditioner

No air-conditioning in the middle of a heat spell can make for some truly sticky, restless and uncomfortable nights. A clean, cool air solution is just the flick of a switch away with a Close Comfort personal air conditioner!

When installing a huge air-conditioner in your home is out of the question, you need the next best thing – and that’s a portable, personal air conditioner unit. There’s no messy water tanks or ice to contend with, nor pipes or consumables – just plug it in and you’re good to sit and chill.

Perfect for personalised cooling of the space you’re in, the PC9+Plus Personal Air Conditioner operates on just 300 watts (that’s less than four light bulbs) and is estimated to cost between just 50¢ and 75¢ a night to run. Compared to cooling a whole house, that’s a whole lot less strain on the family budget when the energy bill rolls in.

air conditioner, family

The Close Comfort PC9+Plus Personal Air Conditioner is priced $649 and available direct from Close Comfort.



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