No matter what type of family you are, there’s a Bugaboo Bee⁵ pram for you

two people pushing the bugaboo bee 5 pram

The Bugaboo Bee⁵ confidently secured its status as the most compact, easy-to-fold and stylish set of wheels for newborns and toddlers when we asked six very different families to take it out for a spin.

Drives like a dream

Six lucky families tried the Bugaboo Bee⁵ on for size and it proved time and time again that it’s the perfect choice, form and function-wise, for busy parents and kids.

No matter what type of parenting game you play, the fully customisable Bugaboo Bee⁵ leads the field in style, stability and handling – and will extend, reverse and recline with just a few simple clicks. Quite simply, it’s the most comfortable urban stroller on the market, driving like an absolute dream.

Whether you’re headed to the park, the grocery store or around the block, you’ll be covered with this cute set of wheels – and it folds up easily in case you’re navigating public transport, Ubers or taxis with your little one.

two women pushing the bugaboo bee 5 pram

Six savvy, but very different, families shared their experience with the Bugaboo Bee.

Junlie, the Health Nut

Busy mother-of-three, Junlie Siegert, is all about living well and living mindfully each day. No matter how many different directions her kids have her running, she prioritises sleeping well, working out and eating healthily each day above just about everything else.

So the Bugaboo Bee⁵ was a match made in heaven. With her toddler snuggled in comfy and cosy, our Health Nut could get out and about, without a hassle.

“My two-year-old loved it and I had no problems with him falling asleep while he was in there. I really liked that the canopy could be extended so there was more coverage. The footrest was also perfect for my little one so he was able to sit in it for long periods of time.”

That comfort extended to ease of folding and transporting, too. “Collapsing and lifting was extremely easy!” Junlie told Babyology. “The Bee fit easily in my boot and I had no problems with the weight in order to lift it (I have a SUV so I have to lift strollers high).”

Alexandra, the Yoga Mum

As mother of one very busy toddler, there’s nothing Alexandra Townes-Baker loves more than greeting the day with a little morning meditation followed by a restorative soy latte. It’s all so very good for the soul.

And it was a cinch to stay in the calm zone throughout the day, thanks to the Bugaboo Bee⁵’s trim frame, which made it a godsend when she was out and about. Our Yoga Mum said, “I found the stroller to be very easy to get through tight displays in shops, store out of the way in busy cafes and easy to push one-handed when my child refused to get in the stroller. I loved the one-fold design and how compact it became when folded.”

Not only was it easy to push through the inner-city streets and shops – and load into the car – it provided a comfortable refuge from the surrounding noise for exhausted toddlers.

“The extendable hood was perfect when my child was tired and I was still out and about. The reversible seat gave my child the choice of which way she wanted to look.”

And to top it all off, the Bee also saved Alexandra’s back from extra wear and tear, “Having a toddler, I found the pram made my life a lot easier without the hassle of dismantling/assembling multiple pieces of pram and easy one-handed pushing. The light weight of the pram and ability to lift into the boot with one hand helped me with my bad back.” Which can only mean this Yoga Mum gets enjoy her Sun Salutations that little bit more.

It’s the little things that bring much joy, right?

Rhian, the Daydreamer

Juggling the needs of her five-month-old and her three-year-old, Rhian Ciddor knows what a busy life looks like! Knowing that time is very precious when you have little ones, our lovely Daydreamer also understands the value of letting your mind wander – it’s in these quiet moments that you find the joy in life.

Always looking for the opportunities that everyday life brings, Rhian really put the Bugaboo Bee⁵ through its paces, and reported back that it worked across a number of ages and stages – and its smooth ride made for easily travelling with her cute kiddos.

“Great level of comfort for my five-month-old and enough room that my three-year-old could go in when tired, easy to adjust straps going from three-year-old to baby. Good suspension and nice smooth ride,” she said.

The Bugaboo Bee⁵ made easy work of getting out and about and its versatility suited her family down to the ground.

“I just love how light it is to steer around, easy to swap seats facing and small. It folds in my boot but is still a pram large enough for a bigger kid as well as a five-month-old, made life quick and easy at the shops. Yes I would recommend this as I think it’s a great stroller from birth to older when you want something compact.”

detail of bugaboo bee 5 pram

Jose, the DIY Dad

Hands-on father of two, Jose Banaria, likes to get stuff done. Never one to shy away from a project, he loves to get jump in on a new project – and if it’s something his kids can ‘help’ with too, then all the better!

So a pram that lets him hit the road without any fuss and bother is exactly what he wants.

Our no-nonsense and very busy DIY Dad said the Bugaboo Bee⁵ was easy to push and manoeuvre and helped him get stuff done with the minimum of fuss and effort. (That’s no easy task with a toddler in tow, as many parents will know!)

“I love the style… maybe [needs] more padding on the seats?” our DIY Dad noted. “[I] took it shopping most of the time. Pushing it around was very easy.”

When we asked him how The Bugaboo Bee⁵ made a difference to his day he noted it was “easy to move around to get things done quicker.”

Nice one, DIY Dad.

Kristy, the Living Room Dancer

Dancing like no one’s watching is mother of two, Kristy Kelly’s personal speciality. Constantly full of enthusiasm and energy, this busy mum is always ready for a new adventure. So it’s no surprise that when she put her hand up to test the Bugaboo Bee⁵, she had plans aplenty!

Our Living Room Dancing mum was not backwards in coming forwards about her admiration of the Bugaboo Bee⁵. She was super keen to take the Bee⁵ out and about and loved pretty much everything about this gorgeous pram.

“We took the stroller to the pool and shopping. The basket is surprisingly big. I could squeeze our large swimming backpack in the basket from the front,” Kristy told Babyology.

“[It was] easy to manoeuvre through the tightly packed secondhand store we visited as well as open shopping centres. It is a beautiful stroller. It turns heads wherever you go. I love the black frame and white wheels.”

When we asked her how the Bee⁵ performed out on the streets, she was brimming with even more superlatives.

“Handles beautifully. It just glides effortlessly, but still feels very grounded and sturdy for a stroller. Pops up on curbs easily,” she said.

Shanika, the Minimalist Mum

A less-is-more person, mother of one, Shanika Campton loves to travel light at all times. Which is what made trialling the Bugaboo Bee⁵ a match made in heaven for this Minimalist Mum.

Looking for function as well as on-trend design, the Bugaboo Bee⁵ did not let her down on either score.

“Absolutely great getting around the shops. It was small enough to fit into tight spots, light and the shopping basket was big and easily accessible,” Shanika told us.

She said the Bee⁵ had an extra sanity-saving advantage she hadn’t anticipated too.

“This is the only pram my daughter has ever fallen asleep in. Trips to the shops in other prams would involve screaming fits, me carrying her and pushing along a pram she refused to get into. In the Bee⁵ she was content, happy to see me and comfortable enough to fall asleep – giving me some much needed peaceful shopping time!”

(This is a sponsored post for Bugaboo)

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