No crying over spilt breastmilk when expressing with the Kiinde Twist


I’m insanely jealous this wasn’t around while I was breastfeeding. But not one to begrudge others, let me introduce you to the next best thing in expressing.

I expressed breast milk with both of my sons. A lot. Whatever the reason for expressing, all mothers who do it know that it’s time-consuming. And you want to ensure that every precious drop is salvaged for a feed. There are those heart-stopping moments when transferring the expressed milk into storage containers or bags, where you’re willing every ounce to make a safe journey. This very clever system eliminates all of the hard work (other than the actually pumping!). That’s because the milk is expressed directly into the milk storage pouches (which are compatible with any breast pump). And the pouches can go straight into a bottle. So, so clever!


This is the Kiinde Twist. It’s billed as a universal, direct-pump breastmilk collection, storage and feed system. The system includes storage pouches which are leak-proof, twist-locking and can be used with any breast pump. The pouches can then be labelled, stored, and later warmed and used to feed, without ever having to transfer the breastmilk. Here’s a look at how it works.


Part of the system is the Natural Feeding Bottle. The pouches can be snapped into the Squeeze bottles (AUD$29.95), then with the Active-Latch nipple (AUD$12.95 for two) attached the bottle is ready for a feed.


There are also some great add-ons as part of the Kiinde Twist range, including a Breastmilk Holder and Organiser (AUD$31.95) and a Kozii warmer (AUD$99.95) to bring the pouches up to temperature.

The Direct Pump Adapters (AUD$11.95) allow the pouches to attach to all major breast pump brands. A twenty pack of Twist Pouches costs AUD$19.95 or AUD$35.95 for a forty pack.

(via Inhabitots)

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