No boob? No problem! Jason Biggs shows dads how to calm a newborn with HIS NOSE

Jason Biggs new baby

Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen have welcomed their second child into the world and already the funny actor is sticking his nose in when it comes to parenting duties with a very interesting technique for settling his newest addition to the family.

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When a boob is just out of reach…

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Winning by a nose

Those tricky early days with a newborn are tough. All they seem to want is a boob or bottle, or even simply something else to suck on like a dummy. So what’s a dad to do when his man boobs aren’t going to cut it and he’s got nothing else? Well, if you’re Jason Biggs you improvise.

The American Pie actor’s wife, Jenny Mollen, shared a hilarious video earlier today on Instagram of the new father literally sticking his nose in his newborn’s mouth with the caption: “When a boob is just out of reach…”

Ingenious or gross? We can’t decide, but one thing’s for sure, his nosy settling method certainly did the trick!

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Lazlo Biggs coming in hot! #babybiggs

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Little Lazlo

Born on Monday, Jason and Jenny announced their new baby boy Lazlo Biggs via Instagram. He’s the second child for the famous couple who married in 2008 and also have another son called Sid aged 3. Jenny has starred in numerous films and TV shows in addition to being a best-selling author.

Sharing her funny husband’s sense of humour, the new mumma has been posting candid snaps on social media throughout her pregnancy, with both her and Jason also posting videos from the delivery room. Jenny even live-streamed as they left the hospital saying she was going home to eat her placenta.

An excited Jason didn’t want to miss out, adding “I’m gonna even try it!”

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#cooked #39weeks

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Whether or not they did in fact both sit down to enjoy a ‘tasty’ snack of placenta (perhaps sprinkled over a nice bowl of spag bol??) is yet to be confirmed, but after watching their video from this morning we suspect that next time little Lazlo is out of sorts and mum’s not around, ‘baby whisperer’ Jason will once again be busting out his nose.

Congrats Jason and Jenny! What strange techniques have you ever used to settle your child?

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