Nikki Reed reveals keen hubby Ian Somerhalder threw out her birth control pills

Nikki Reed collage

Often it’s the woman driving a couple’s decision on when to start a family but not the case for Twilight star Nikki Reed. Her actor husband, Ian Somerhalder was apparently so keen to be a dad that during a trip to Spain he snuck into her purse and threw out all her birth control pills.

Sneaky behaviour

“It was the beginning of the pack, so I had to pop all those suckers out,” admits Vampire Diaries star, Ian Somerhalder during an interview the couple did recently for Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast.

Apparently the sneaky deed, and his wife’s reaction to him throwing the pills down the toilet, was even caught on camera. Luckily Nikki wasn’t too fazed, otherwise we imagine Ian would have spent the trip sleeping on the couch!

“Actually, now thinking about it, I guess I kind of decided [to start a family],” he added. Um, that would be a yes!

Baby bliss

The cute couple were engaged in January 2015 and married later that April, around a year after first being spotted together. Ian’s baby-making tactics during their 2016 trip to Barcelona obviously paid off, with the pair welcoming their first child, a baby girl named Bodhi Soleil, on July 25.

Before her birth both Ian and Nikki had announced they would have a month of silence and no technology. But the chuffed 38-year-old new papa clearly couldn’t contain his excitement, proudly posting a pic of his gorgeous wife on the cover of a pregnancy magazine before the month was technically up. We don’t blame him.

No birthing plan

During the recent interview, the proud parents also opened up about the pregnancy, with Nikki revealing that she was lucky enough to not have any morning sickness but found herself confused about the pending birth process. 

“I think the thing that plagued me the most, actually, was the medical industry,” the 29-year-old admitted. “Just all the rules and guidelines and paranoia, and all the things they put into your head about what you could possibly do wrong.”

“I’m the real planner and I had no plan which, I think, speaks volumes … I was conflicted,” she says, explaining that she couldn’t decide between a home or hospital delivery.

“The birth that I always wanted was a home birth with no lights, no one talking, no intervention of any kind. I wanted to be peaceful, quiet, alone.”

“It was just intense”

Despite her previous desire for a home birth, little Bodhi ended up having a speedy delivery in hospital, only three hours after the couple arrived.

“It was just intense, intense, intense,” Nikki recalls of her labour. “I kept thinking, ‘This is only the beginning.’ ”

Normally a fairly private couple, it’s so lovely that we get to share in the details of their daughter’s birth. Apparently they just couldn’t keep it to themselves “because we feel so proud of this moment, above all things. And we want to do it again.”

Well we certainly hope so! And we can’t wait to see some cute snaps of little Bodhi soon.




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