Nicole Richie dancing as she bathes kids’ pet lizard is surprisingly watchable

Nicole Richie and her pet lizard Speedy

Okayyyyy. This video is the morale booster we didn’t know we needed today. It features Nicole Richie – mum to seven-year-old Sparrow and nine-year-old Harlow with husband Joel Madden – hamming it up as she bathes the family’s newly acquired pet lizard and busts some moves. Sounds weird, right? Is weird. (Also is really good.)

Splish splash

Speedy – who is the lizard – might have been the star of the show, but we think he senses Nicole’s got a story to tell, via a kind of interpretive dance. He let’s her totally go for it.

Nicole shines pretty bright, we’ve got to say, with daughter Harlow filming her mum dancing, and lip-syncing retro bathing-themed Bobby Darin ditty, Splish Splash.

“Speedy had his 1st bath this weekend & it was a blast… even in a room full of haters 🙄 #splishsplash #letmelive,” Nicole captioned the clip capturing the Lizard Dance.

“Do you love it?”

It’s unclear exactly why Splish Splash is playing during bath time, but possible the former reality star and now House of Harlow designer was trying to put Speedy at ease, before she popped him into the foil container (aka tub).

And let’s just talk about that foil container.

While some animals might feel a leeeeetle bit nervous about being plonked into an OVEN-READY tray, Speedy took it on the lizard chin, trusting his new family to have his best interests at heart. 

And have them at heart they did.


Speedy loves it (we think)

Not only does Nicole cast a concerned eye over the spiky guy as he enjoys cooling off and getting tidy, she then entertains him with the sort of mischief not seen since The Simple Life.

Thankfully, there was no seasoning or basting involved at all, just a lot of hip wiggling and arm flailing and shimmying, pretty much. 

Speedy’s trust was obviously well-placed, although Harlow’s not so sure.

“Speedy … ” she bleats quietly and sympathetically, to the transfixed lizard.

“Mommy, Speedy’s embarrassed!” she then warns her mum.

But Speedy looks more in awe than horrified, and the nine-year-old might be projecting/feeling the “gawd, mum” vibes, just a titch.

We’ve all been there, Harlow. Thank you, Nicole. Bless you, Speedy.

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