Why is Nick Lachey digging through garbage? He loves his wife – that’s why!

Nick and Vanessa Lachey

They say that love conquers all, and Nick Lachey just taught us that the love part of that equation can sometimes take the form of a very pricey diamond ring and the all may occasionally comprise of an icky garbage bin!

A nice ring to it

Former boy band superstar Nick – who is married to Vanessa, his second marriage following his famous Newlyweds union with Jessica Simpson – shared a trashy little story on Instagram over the weekend and it makes us love him just a little bit more.

Note that we mean trashy quite literally – we’re talking about digging through a rubbish bin, you guys! Yikes. What happened was that Vanessa lost her wedding band somewhere in the depths of the family’s bin, and Nick did what any sensible person would do – he dived right in, determined to find the AWOL gem.

Treasure hunt

In the ultimate, icky treasure hunt, Nick says he overcame a variety of unseemly obstacles to take the final prize – a platinum and diamond sparkler – in the name of true love.

“This is true love after 6 years of marriage……digging through dirty diapers and trash to find your wife’s missing wedding ring!! #success,” Nick posted alongside a charming shot of the jewel in question twinkling amidst the refuse of daily family life.

It’s a cautionary tale to those whose rings might just be a little on the loose side to proceed with care.


Nick and Vanessa, who married in 2011, are parents to three great kids under 5 – baby Phoenix, Camden and Brooklyn. The pair say now that they’re outnumbered, their family is complete!

“You have three, and then you realise: we’re truly outnumbered now,” Nick told eOnline

“It’s such a blast to be at home with them and to see the way they interact with each other.”

“We’re done. We’re happy with three,” Vanessa chimed in. “I think the Lachey party of five is a good number.”

That said, they make such cute babies (see below) we would NOT be surprised if they sneak another one through to the keeper. Because GORGEOUS!

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