The next big thing is tiny – CHIP is a $9 computer that can do it all

CHIP computer

CHIP computer

Imagine a computer so tiny that it easily fits in your handbag, nappy bag, or pocket. Imagine carrying your work with you minus the bulk of a laptop. Imagine transporting all your kid’s games without packing and setting up an entire console. All of this is possible with a C.H.I.P. computer and all for only nine dollars!

At Babyology we like to bring you the cutting edge of all that is modern and trendy. Brace yourselves for the arrival of C.H.I.P – a miniature computer that can fit in your pocket and costs only US$9. Sound amazing? It is!




The price may be low but C.H.I.P. promises a lot of bang for your buck with a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. It has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities so no need to physically connect a keyboard or mouse, just go wireless. This is the future of computing.

If you love your tech-talk then check out the C.H.I.P. Kickstarter page for a full list of specifications and capabilities. However, not all of us care for the details, we just want to know what this midget gadget can do! Keep reading.

C.H.I.P. can connect up to any screen and connect with wireless keyboards, mice, or controllers. Essentially, this means you can use it in place of your laptop or a game console. Grab a Pocket Chip at US$40 (pictured below) to make this tiny computer portable with its own 4.3” screen, keyboard, and five hour battery.


CHIP computerThis also makes a great present for any computer-keen kids or teenagers. Because C.H.I.P. is open-source and malleable it is ideal for budding programmers and those who love to code.

CHIP computer

Their Kickstarter campaign had a $50,000 goal and they are currently at $1,774,690! Clearly this mini computer is the next big thing. Get in before it comes cool by pledging to the C.H.I.P. Kickstarter and receive one in the first worldwide shipment. Pledges of US$9 or more get a C.H.I.P. in the first mailout, due for delivery in February 2016.

Kate Murray

Kate Murray

Kate was a regular of Melbourne’s music and film scenes, but these days she is on the mum scene. Mother to one adorable little hipster, Kate loves seeking out the latest trends in technology, vintage-style kids clothing, and offbeat kids products. She is often found riding her bike by the Yarra river with baby on back, heading for a good soy latte at the latest kid-friendly cafe. She wants to get there before it becomes cool. So Melbourne.

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