New smart wristband to track a woman’s fertile window

We have wristbands to tell us time, to track our steps, to read our text messages and now one is promising to let women know when we’ve reached our fertile window.

Using a thermometer to track fertility is a method women have used for decades as they try and plan for conception. A woman can traditionally tell if she is about to ovulate when her temperature drops, signalling the release of an egg, before her temperature returns to normal at the end of the cycle.

Now a product developed in the US, which can sync to your iPhone, is promising to do all the tracking for you to maximise a woman’s chances to conceive.

As well as internal body temperature, the Ava also claims to measure heart rate, skin temperature, breathing rate, movement, perfusion (blood flow), heat loss and measures how well your cells are functioning.

During a clinical trial involving 41 women, the device accurately identified five fertile days 89 per cent of the time, but the study is yet to be stringently reviewed or published.

Owen Davis, a doctor and professor of obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College told The Verge he can see the bracelet’s merits but also says it might not be as accurate as the commonly used LH-detecting strips, which measure hormone levels.

The fertility bracelet, which costs $262, is not geared towards those diagnosed with infertility.

Technology is an amazing thing, check out this trial of a new alert system on public transport telling passengers when an expectant mum is on board so they can offer her their seat. And take another look at the wearable brooch that can monitor your stress levels.

(via The Verge)

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