New mum shuts down bully who criticises her post-birth bikini body

The first year as a mum can be a major time for uncertainty but, as one mum has shown, bullies never have a right to bring you down.

US mum Lexi Sinclair stood up to a an older woman, who suggested she was making men at the public pool uncomfortable by wearing a bikini instead of a one-piece swimming costume so soon after having a baby.

The 21-year-old detailed the awful encounter on Facebook in a post that has since gone viral.

“Today I took my four-month-old son to the pool. While putting Christian’s pool hat on, a woman (maybe mid 50s) comes up and makes conversation with me about Christian. Asking me his age, how much he weighs, how he sleeps, etc,” Lexi wrote.

“She then proceeded to tell me that the men at the pool would feel more comfortable if I was in a one-piece swim suit because a bikini isn’t appropriate for a mother, especially one who’s ‘still recovering’.”

Here is the full post.

Lexi says, while she held back some of the choice words she wanted to say to the woman, she stood up for herself.

“I just smiled, kissed my son and told her, ‘I’m proud of my body. In just one year I’ve gained 50 pounds, and lost 37. I’ve grown a human and given birth to a beautiful miracle. My body provided food for my child’,” Lexi wrote.

“’So, no, my body might not be the best sight for other men to see. My stretch marks and tummy pudge might not be sexy. But they’re proof that I’ve done something amazing, and I have a man that loves me and finds me even sexier and more beautiful now.

“‘To be honest, I don’t give a tiny rats ass what other men, or a prissy twit like you think. Have a nice day though’.”

Lexi tells US Weekly she worries how the woman’s next victim might feel if they don’t have the confidence like her to disregard the hurtful comments.

We happen to agree mum bodies are something to celebrated, just look at this incredible collection of photos taken by Liliana Taboas and beautifully displayed in a children’s book called I Will Always Be Your Mother.

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