Out and about with the new Mountain Buggy Swift – here’s what real mums say

A pram is a bit like a car – we like to know how it handles, how comfortable it is and what it’s like to drive before we take it home. Alas, there’s not really an option to test drive a pram, so we’ve enlisted some of our favourite mums to do it for you. We shipped off four new Mountain Buggy Swifts, and told our reviewer mums to go their hardest. And they did.

Three of our favourite blogging mums, and our gorgeous writer Natalie who has just welcomed her second bub, took the Mountain Buggy Swift for the ultimate test – out and about with babies.

All Mum Said

swift ams1

Kel from All Mum Said knows a thing (or four) about prams, so we thought she’d be perfect to test out the Swift. Having four kids means Kel’s car boot is often laden with a heap of things, making a bulky pram a no-go zone.

“Having a pram this compact is fantastic where boot space is concerned, but the fact your child doesn’t lose seat space is the real winner!”

swift ams2

Kel also loved the Swift’s full recline for newborns. “This is a feature that so many good quality and expensive prams lack. The recline is easy to use and takes no effort. Because the recline is fully adjustable you can choose the recline that is ideal for your baby/toddler.”

swift ams

Exclusively Mum

Lisa from Exclusively Mum is a bit of a Mountain Buggy aficionado and, like all our review team, loved the Swift’s one-hand fold. She explains, “There is nothing to unclip or wrestle with, it is a simple one handed push and twist. I’m able to do it while holding my toddler in the other arm.”

Here’s the other bit she liked. “When you collapse the pram, the frame automatically locks, so it’s not going to flip open as you are trying to load it into the car. Once collapsed it will also stand upright without support if you need to store it in a cupboard or out of the way at home.”

swift Exclusively Mum

The quality and style of the Swift was a bigger winner for Lisa, as is the ease-of-cleaning factor. Anyone who has given their child something to eat in a pram will know how important this is!

But Lisa says the Swift isn’t just a pretty face – there’s plenty of substance to go with the style, including a carrycot and three parent-facing options.

The Bean Bible

swift Madelin - The Bean Bible1

There are some mums who sugar coat life with kids, and there are others who tell it like it is – and that’s Madelin from The Bean Bible. That’s why we wanted her to give us the lowdown on the Swift – which she gave the ultimate workout… a trip to the park. Madelin isn’t a complete stranger to Mountain Buggy, having purchased the previous Swift model.

“I never thought the old Mountain Buggy Swift was bulky, but it’s pretty incredible how they have managed to make the new one even smaller and lighter, while not compromising on any room for bub.”

Madelin has now invested in a double pram as she’s expecting her second baby, and is finding the features of the Swift aren’t replicated in many other prams. “A lot of prams now have different settings or modes for recline, whereas the Mountain Buggy Swift actually allows you the full range to decide for yourself. The fact that this also makes it newborn ready means a saving for parents as well, which is always a huge bonus.”

swift Madelin - The Bean Bible

The agility of the Swift another big tick, “If you can’t move this Mountain Buggy into the tightest of cafe corners so that you’re not stopping the latte traffic, then you should rethink having a licence!”

Millie Mummy Melbourne

swift Natalie

Speaking of adorable, our writer Natalie (who also blogs at Millie Mummy Melbourne) has just had her second bub, the very handsome Finn. So we sent a Mountain Buggy Swift down to the chilly climes of Melbourne to get the newborn test.

Once again, the easy one-hand fold was a godsend: “Makes life with a newborn so easy, especially as I’ve just arrived home from hospital after a c-section! No fiddling or tricky folds, just a simple button push and the Swift packs up. Can be done with one hand which is ideal because mums always have their hands full!

Natalie also tested out the pram with her toddler Millie, saying, “The Swift looks and is very streamlined yet doesn’t compromise on space for your child. My daughter, nearly three, happily sat in the full sized seat with room to spare. The compact buggy size and the ease with which it can be pushed ­despite carrying a heavy toddler ­surprisingly took very little effort.”

swift Natalie

The biggest drawcard for mums with newborns, like Natalie, is the carrycot, meaning your sleeping baby will sleep flat while on the go. And of course, sleeping soundly in the regular seat is possible too, with its generous recline.

“I love that the seat can recline fully, enabling the family to remain out and about while our youngest sleeps. It will be especially handy for travel when getting the baby to a bed is not as easy. One of the Swift’s best features.”

For more information on the new Mountain Buggy Swift, and to see the brilliant range of colours it’s available in, head to Mountain Buggy.

(This is a sponsored post for Mountain Buggy)

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