Hooray! New lactation massager could put an end to painful breastfeeding

I’ve breastfed three babies and even though I became a bit of a master at it, I still went on the rollercoaster of blocked milk ducts, mastitis, lumps and ripped to shreds nipples. So when I heard about this new lactation massager that can help your poor old gals out, I knew it was a game changer.

Oh the agony!

Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing but just like another natural act – vaginal child birth – it can also be complete and utter agony. With each of my babies, when my milk came in it was a juggling act of engorged hot breasts, frequent feeds and cracked nipples and things would go south pretty quickly with blocked milk ducts and lumps. It not only made the act of breastfeeding really, really painful, but it also hurt when you weren’t feeding – there were many times I cried from the intense pain. With my first son I also developed mastitis which can occur when the ducts become clogged – it’s incredibly painful, requires antibiotics and gives you flu-like symptoms such as fevers and chills. So yeah, fun bags my boobs were not.

I got over it, but …

Luckily for me I was able to push through each time and after a while breastfeeding became a lot easier as my boobs got used to it and the pain went away. But if there had been a way to avoid all that agony would I have opted for it? HELL YEAH! Pain is not a right of passage in my books. I had always tried to drain each boob to prevent blocked ducts, used cabbage leaves and even did some hand massaging each time I fed or expressed (which I’d been told was a good way to clear the backed up milk), but that’s easier said than done when you’re also holding a baby and temporarily insane from lack of sleep.

lactation massager
Look how cute it is?! We’ll take ten (image credit: LaVie Lactation Massager)

Introducing … LaVie Lactation Massager

If you’re an expecting or new mum hoping to breastfeed then listen up! This whizz bang new product has just hit the market and it’s a total game changer for all those breastfeeding mums pushing through the pain.

By applying gentle pressure and vibration to your breast, this LaVie Lactation Massager can clear all that painful, blocked milk – or in the words on the LaVie site it “helps ease symptoms associated with engorgement, plugged ducts and mastitis.” It’s basically like a vibrator for your boobs.

DAMN! Where were you when I needed you?! 

Go with the flow

An American invention, the lactation massager is BPA-free, waterproof, comes with a rechargeable battery and has several vibration modes – and is now available in Australia for $39.95.

Even though it’s only new to the market, already nursing mums are finding it a total lifesaver when it comes to reducing pain and making breastfeeding easier by getting your milk flow happening the way it should.

“…after 2 minutes with this product – I saw results!!!!” Wrote one relieved, breastfeeding mother on the LaVie Facebook site.

“I’ve had mastitis twice before and the pain is horrible, so I thought it was best to give it a try… I immediately began using this and the pain went away… I just wish it was released earlier when I began nursing my baby,” says another new mum – who’s no doubt doing cartwheels as we speak.

Not just for beginners

Engorged breasts and blocked milk ducts can happen in breastfeeding even if it’s your tenth baby. Even when weaning my breasts also took a bit of a hit as they handled the reduced demand for milk supply. So I really could have done with this lactation massager on both the beginning and end parts of my breastfeeding journeys.

Fortunately for all you other new mums out there now, you don’t have to put up with the pain! Okay, sure it won’t stop your baby biting your nipples and latching on badly or crazy let down sprays in public, but at least you won’t get painful lumps and mastitis.


Would you give the new lactation massager a try?


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