Amazing! Robot teaches four-year-olds how to code without more screentime

robot up close

You’re never too young to learn! A cute new robot from MatataLab has just launched on Kickstarter that helps foster brain development in children aged four to nine, teaching them the fundamentals of coding, music, art and logic through interactive hands-on physical play.

Robot for learning

Around the age of four the brain lays the groundwork for development of logic, making it the perfect time to harness and foster young minds. With this in mind, MatataLab have developed a highly educational robot kit consisting of hands-on coding blocks to accompany the actual robot. Families and educators can help children explore and enjoy their first foray into programming, music and art, simply through play. 

Coding but not more screen time

Coding is used to programme computers but the MatataLab robot doesn’t involve a screen. Computer programming is based on simple logical concepts that can be learned by kids early in life through simple games developed specifically for their age. Kids equipped with the understanding of these fundamental concepts, thanks to playing with the MatataLab robot, will be able to grasp more abstract concepts of STEM classes and real programming as they grow with greater confidence.

robot kit in action

Benefits and features

The key features and benefits of the MatataLab robot include:

  • The games not only develop programming logic but teach the basics of music notes and art as kids learn to program a robot to create art and music.
  • It’s easy to use for children and parents (even those with no computer experience).
  • The MatataLab kit allows two children to play together (unlike other educational robots). Group play is crucial for human brain development.
  • It’s highly interactive play that involves role playing, customisation and learning – super fun but very educational.
  • It was developed with input from educational experts including renowned educational psychologist, Dr. Jef van Kuyk.

MatataLab starter kit

How to get your hands on it

You can purchase the MatataLab Starter Pack (pictured above) for US $99 (AUD $130) on their Kickstarter campaign page. Each pack includes 16 programming blocks, challenge book, maze game map, two brick (minifig) adapters, two MatataLab figures, one destination flag, command tower, and MatataBot.

Watch the MatataLab robot in action below!

Do you like the idea of robotics helping children to learn coding and develop other skills?

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