New Australian comedy embraces women behaving badly

Move over Mila Kunis, a brand new Australian comedy will debut this week and it packs a punch when it comes to women with children behaving badly.

But unlike Bad Moms, Little Acorns is a nine-part series that goes behind the scenes of a suburban childcare centre where the adults behave more like children than the little ones in their care.

Little Acorns, written and directed by Trudy Hellier and Maria Theodorakis, will be available exclusively online from 1 September, 2016.

Babyology was treated to a preview screening of the first three bite-sized episodes. They range from three to five minutes long, so even the busiest mums can check it out.

From totally inappropriate gawking at the one new male on the team and a kitchen wrestling match over stolen yoghurt to the giving of a gift befitting an evil leader (yes, keep an eye on the mug) – the juvenile antics of grown women will make you think you’ve stepped back to high school.

Maria tells Babyology she wanted to show women behaving badly while highlighting the many sides to their personalities.

little acorns3

“We wanted to … look at what it means to be a caring female, but also retain an individual part of yourself separate to being a carer or a mother,” Maria says.

“If you look at our depiction of the children, they are so happy and the workers are absolutely beautiful.

“Apart from Belinda who is our definite villain, the women are really beautiful with the children and focused and caring. But behind the scenes they are who they are, which is to say they’re d***heads.”

Little acorns2

She says a childcare setting provided an authentic space for women to dominate.

“Parenting is such a leveller,” Maria says. “It doesn’t matter what your background is, what your social status is, you have been projectile vomited on – and if you haven’t as a parent then f*** you!”

Maria says when she became a mum she found a common ground with women she had never crossed paths with before.

“From the moment I joined the state-supported mother’s group, I realised no matter who you are, what educational background you are from, what social status you’re from, if you’ve got a baby who won’t sleep through the night you’ve got something to exchange with someone who has also experienced that,” Maria says.

“I love the opportunities I get to talk to people I might not otherwise be able to talk to by being a parent or, even if you’re not a parent, but an uncle or aunty or friend.”

little acorns4

On set, Maria says there was a wonderful team spirit from the cast and crew, who worked for free to create the trailer and then returned when Screen Australia backed the project. Even Maria’s old college friend, Rachel Griffiths, came on as an executive producer and makes a cameo appearance as head of the Little Acorn’s parent committee.

Little Acorns will be available to watch on YouTube from this Thursday (1 September, 2016).

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