New Animals Rock album brings down the farmhouse

Animals Rock Band

I’ve been singing Baa Baa Black Sheep every day for the last three years. I would love to send that blasted sheep on a one way trip to the moon, but in case I can’t scrape together the cash for a space mission, here’s hoping the new Animals Rock On the Farm album will inspire my eldest to ask for a new song.

Animals Rock Shelley and Beau

Animals Rock is a band of unlikely characters. In addition to the lead guitar-playing lion, back-up vocalist giraffe, bass-playing horse and drumming gorilla, the band is led by ex-surfer Beau Young and Shelley Craft from The Block.

Listening to On the Farm, it strikes me that the musicians must have had a lot of fun making this album. The tunes are catchy, and the lyrics hilariously absurd and just the right brand of silly for kids to crack up in that contagious way kids do.

Animals Rock Cover

Each song is about a different farm animal, and lyrics are one part funny, one part educational, teaching kids a bit about each animal. Our favourite is Billy Goat, which begins “BURP…excuse me…/But I just ate the farmer’s wife’s hat.” Such poetry needs no commentary.

Kids can go online to learn the words on the singalong page, and you can buy the CD or get a digital download at ABC Music.

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