Nashville’s Hayden Panettiere’s biggest job? Keeping her 2-year-old alive!

hayden panettiere and kya

Nashville’s Juliette Barnes aka 27-year-old Hayden Panettiere has shared the joys of routine and challenges of toddlerhood in a recent interview, and her thoughts will have most parents nodding their heads in solidarity.

Juliette is back

The Nashville star is mum to 2-year-old Kaya with Ukranian boxer fiancee Wladimir Klitschkoand. The couple met in 2009 and announced their engagement in October 2013.

Fans of the hit show will be excited to hear that, following an initial axing last year, the program is switching from ABC to CMT and Juliette (and co) will be back in fine form in 2017.

When quizzed on what’s coming up for Juliette, Hayden said there were surprises in store.

“Juliette goes through a traumatic experience, which gives birth to a new drive and passion. She begins a journey of self-discovery from an angle we have never seen before nor would ever expect from her,” she told Parade Magazine.


Park, pals and sleep

It seems that, minus the traumatic experience, these evolution and self-discovery-focused themes are something Hayden is navigating in her own life, too, albeit it on a much more sedate level.

Outdoor playdates and sleep debt rated a mention, with the star going on to say that valued friendships are also a vital element in her mum-of-one life.

“My life became all about staying healthy, getting good sleep, finding parks and nature,” the actor explained.

“Now I’m the mother of a 2-year-old, I’ve found my pack of solid, loyal, lifelong friends here and am settled into a beautiful routine. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a blast. My life and who I am have simply evolved in a beautiful way.”

She said the pregnancy showed her who was really in her corner, friendship-wise.

“I went through a pregnancy and I found out who my true friends were—the ones that were going to stick around and support me. I’ll just say the outcome was slim pickings!”


Work/life balance

Hayden chatted about the very relatable challenges of being a working mum and the sometimes bracing (eye-watering?!) reality of life with a toddler.

“My Sundays are about gearing up and preparing for a long work week,” Hayden said of the work/life juggle.

It seems that the best laid plans are waylaid by toddlers, too. (Sound familiar?!)

“I can’t say that anything is typical or “the norm” about any day of the week now that I’m the mom of a 2-year-old. She gets her hands in just about everything, and my biggest job at the moment is keeping her alive!”

Seems like life with a toddler is hitting all the usual notes at Chez Panettiere and superstar status does not exclude you from the kind of Danger Mouse mayhem and meltdowns that your average 2-year-old can unleash!


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