Naptime dress-up times two! Sweet snoozing twins act out their dreams

Some parents put a load of washing on during toddler naptime, others squeeze in some work, and others have figured out that they can watch exactly one and a half episodes of Gilmore Girls before their child wakes up.

This Japanese mum does it a bit differently: she configures her twins in the most imaginative scenes and takes photos which, to the delight of her followers, she posts to Instagram.

Ayumi Omori is the mum of two-year-old fraternal twins, Ichika  and Taichi. Since they were babies, she’s been posing them at naptime.

Ayumi told the Huffington Post that she looks at the kids’ “sleeping poses”, and then inspiration for a scene comes to her. The scenes are created with costumes, props and sometimes face paint. All we can say is that these adorable kids must be heavy sleepers!

Film references are a regular feature. In one photo, Ichika trains a vacuum on the phantasmal Taichi, Ghostbusters-style.


. #ゴーストバスターズ ♩ #ghostbusters 👻

A photo posted by ayumi (@ayumiichi) on

In another, the pair are dressed in Hawaiian garb and flank Stitch of Lilo and Stitch fame.

Some days sibling tussles are clearly on Ayumi’s mind.


. 姉ちゃんからのトドメ👊 . . Они будут бороться снова.

A photo posted by ayumi (@ayumiichi) on

But like all siblings, there are days when they play together too.

Or days when they give each other a leg up.


. よいしょ! . 触っちゃダメなものばかり。 触る👫 . Они часто шалости.

A photo posted by ayumi (@ayumiichi) on

On days when she’s really committed to her art, items of clothing get sacrificed, like this Chip and Dale t-shirt.

Sometimes old school techonology makes a comeback.

Ayumi comes from an impressive cohort of mums dressing their kids up during naptime and hilariously documenting the scenes. For more adorable naptime cosplay, check out four-month-old Joey Marie Choi.

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