The #mykidisweird hashtag that’ll make every parent laugh and laugh and laugh

Kids are adorable, hilarious, loving, caring and… let’s face it, weird. If these tweets from parents around the globe don’t prove that kids are a little on the eccentric side, then nothing will.

Jimmy Fallon’s #mykidisweird segment is our pick for this week’s Friday night funny.

As a father of two young daughters, Jimmy Fallon knows a thing or two about funny family fails. He often airs parenting segments on his show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and one of our very favourites is #mykidisweird, where Jimmy finds the best tweets that show, with hilarious accuracy, just how interesting children can be.

Take a look at some of these awesome #mykidisweird tweets that showcase a side of parenting we all know too well.

We will start with that time your child decides to go for a late night walk in a completely appropriate outfit for the occasion.

Then there is that lovely phase when your child will only wear certain clothes, usually with his favourite superhero or her favourite princess.

Or his favourite ex-president.

I think all parents can relate to reliving Frozen on every occasion, including when going to the bathroom.

Or facing a toileting emergency in public in public…

Then there are those times when your child says something so incredibly smart that you are pretty sure you’re raising a next generation Sheldon Cooper.

Or… not.

Not to forget those occasions when your child gets hungry in the middle of the night. But is also ready to play ball.

And who hasn’t caught their child taking a nap in a completely normal place, like on the front porch in a sled.

Why? Because kids are weird. It’s their unique way of looking at life that makes children so entertaining and so amazing.

Need more hilarious hashtags in your life? Here are more Jimmy favourites.

Check out some of our other favourite hashtags circulating social media including #mykidcanteatthat plus #mumfails and #kidsaretheworst. Oh, and for any mums out there that enjoy a good day out at Disneyland, here is a good one – DILFS of Disneyland.

You’re welcome.

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