My Little Oogabooga – more Australian Etsy magic


It’s superbly handcrafted treats like these, from local Etsy artist
My Little Oogabooga
that really inspire me
to buy out of the ordinary things for my children and for my home. The
idea of living humourously has a lot of appeal to me, as it
brightens my day to see joyful objects. The imagination, drive and
skill to produce such beautiful things is inherent in some people,
which is great for those of us who like to have them in our homes
but can’t necessarily make them ourselves.

These funny little characters will gleefully adorn your home with
all the humour and fun they can muster. Fabulous for children’s
imaginative play, they can build personalities and scenarios around
these unlikely creatures. I think I’ve mentioned before how much
we all love robots in our household. I keep coming back to the olive
green one, even though green isn’t usually a favoured colour of
mine. I think it must be those charming fangs of his, adding that extra
whimsy to his face.
Now I see a variety of red, grey, orange and blue versions have been
added and I can’t help but want the whole family!

Fashioned from 100% pure wool felt, and featuring patterned and
plain fabrics as well as buttons, kid-safe versions are available
on request. The
stitching appears to be faultless, all perfectly parallel, yet
unmistakably done by a human hand. If robots aren’t what you’re looking
try the range of
Classic Oogaboogas. There’s
even one little female human if you’d like a different take on a dolly. The entire
store is well worth a good mosey. You won’t be able to resist a little purchase!

Bring one home from US$35-$50. Post is $5.30, from
My Little Oogabooga at Etsy.


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