My Layby – spread out the cost of setting up for baby

Looks expensive, doesn’t it? Setting up for a baby can be a bit of a financial shock to many. Not only do families often need to prepare t0 lose one income for at least a while, there’s the issue of finding a dedicated space for baby and filling it with all the things they need . Don’t stress; there’s a way to pay it all off over time so you’ll be feeling a lot more relaxed!

At My Layby you choose your baby essentials – such as the very nice Nature’s Purest Rocking Crib up there – put them on layby and chip away at the cost over a specified time period.

layby pram

There’s a wealth of products in the My Baby section at My Layby – prams, highchairs, cots and bassinets, toys, bedding, feeding and car safety. Just put together a package and in no time at all you will have paid off all you need for baby. Here are the fantastic advantages of using online layby at My Layby:

  • Convenient; shop from home
  • Delivered to your door free of charge
  • No deposit required
  • No interest on any purchase
  • No credit needed – direct debit your payments direct from your bank account
  • Makes buying big ticket items easy by spreading the payments across a period of time – no big hit spending
  • Flexible payments – you choose the terms; select either the amount you wish to pay per week or when you need it delivered and My Layby does the rest
  • Great for gifts – spread the cost over the year for presents to family and friends and get it delivered direct to their door

Browse the range of categories and products at My Layby and avoid getting into debt when setting up for bub.

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