My how you’ve grown! Quads continue to make couple’s dreams come true

An eight-year struggle to have children ended with Ashley and Tyson Gardner finding out they were having quadruplets. But it was just the beginning of a whole new journey, as the couple continues to adjust to life with four bonnie baby daughters. 


The cyber world fell in love with the Utah couple when they shared photos of their adorable reaction, as they were told they were having quads. That was back in July 2014, after a successful round of IVF, following years of infertility heartbreak.


In another incredible occurrence, Ashley was pregnant with two sets of identical twins. She says, “They put two eggs back and both split! The odds of both eggs splitting are literally one in one million”.


The girls entered the world in December 28 last year, at just 29 weeks. It’s now been eight months since Indie, Esme, Scarlett and Evie were born, and their parents have adjusted to their family of six with incredible prowess.

“The good news is that they’re all now sleeping a solid eight hours through the night,” Tyson tells People. 

Their incredibly positive attitude, which got them through eight years of trying for children, now keeps a smile on their faces as they raise four daughters.

“It’s been so amazing to watch their personalities develop. Not a day goes by that we’re not grateful. This is what we waited for after trying to have a baby for more than eight years,” says Tyson.


“Every day, I feel so grateful as I watch these little miracles grow. They’re healthy now, they’re happy and thriving. I’m soaking up every minute with them – I can’t get enough of holding them and watching every little milestone,” adds Ashley.

Labelled the Gardner Quad Squad, the four little ladies – pictured above with another little friend – continue to attract attention when the family heads out.

“So many people followed our story every step of the way – they feel like we’re part of their family,” says Ashley.

“Every morning brings a new adventure and a new challenge, but we’re up for whatever happens. Every minute of every day, we’re making memories.”


It’s such an incredibly poignant parenting sentiment – make memories, every day.

(via Peopleimages courtesy the Gardner Quad Squad and Loni Smith Photography)

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