My Door DIY from Kidtropolis now available to Australia

Custom doors from Kidtropolis Doors

My Door DIY from Kidtropolis Build

Do you remember when you were young how everything seemed so much bigger? Enormous lounges, giant people, kitchen benches soaring way overhead – the world is not aimed at toddlers! But now the home handyman in you can create entryways especially sized for little people, in any existing door or wall.

US-based Kidtropolis is a furniture and interior design company specialising in innovations for kids’ spaces, and one of the amazing things they produce are a variety of kids’ doors. These include Dutch doors (that is, where the top opens independently of the bottom) and set within either a regular or Dutch door, child-sized smaller doors. And now, they also provide a kit which will allow you (or someone a little bit handier than you) to install a tiny little door (like the ones pictured above) in your own home.

The My Door DIY kit is able to be installed at home in (they say) one to two hours and contains everything you need to do the job. The doors are made from MDF and available either unfinished or in five standard colours to suit doors between seventy and ninety centimetres wide. What’s more, you don’t have to install it in a door – it works just as well through a standard wall. The in-door option in a Dutch door is a great alternative to standard safety barriers, plus they just look really, really cool!

The base model (unfinished door, ready to insert into a wall) comes in at US$394 plus shipping, and you can look at all the other options on their pricing list. Contact them directly for quotes on custom doors.

My Door DIY from Kidtropolis

Custom doors from Kidtropolis Doors


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