My Baby’s Name Is – brilliant baby sleeping bags to fall in love with

A butt kicking marketing plan is exactly what a fledgling brand needs to make its mark, and My Baby’s Name Is, designers of plushy baby sleep sacks does marketing to a tee.

My Baby’s Name Is hails from London, and is designed by Szymon Klos, a father whose background as a product designer in luxury goods gave him a penchant for beautiful things just left of ordinary. In 2014 Szymon hunted high and low for the perfect sleeping bag for his baby daughter. As is the tale with so many products for kids, he found nothing he liked, and decided to design his own.


My Baby’s Name Is sleeping bags are made of soft, ethically-sourced cotton and quilted to pillowy perfection. They’ve got shoulder snaps, and a zipper along the bottom for quick midnight nappy changes.

My Babys Name Is Robyn

The lookbook is crazy clever. Riffing on the brand name, there’s a baby named Marylin in her string of pearls and platinum curls, Leia with her coiled buns wielding a blaster, or my favourite: baby Robin who wears a deep green felt cap with a feather, and has a quiver of arrows slung over his shoulder.

Gimmicks aside, we think the real beauty of these sleep sacks is in the colour. Each one is a solid colour, and the neckline and arms have binding a tone darker than the body. There’s a delicious lemon yellow, a rich coral, a soft lavender, a clear turquoise the colour of tropical waters, and a crisp apple green. The fabrics look like they’ve lapped up the beautiful colours and are radiating them out.

Sleeping bags come in three sizes from zero to 36 months, and come in 1 or 2.5 togs. You can buy them at My Baby’s Name Is and standard international delivery is £10.

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