Must-watch video: lesson about trusting strangers takes a very scary turn

child abduction cover post

Don’t take lollies from strangers. But what happens when it’s a puppy? This three minute video will shock all parents and prove just how important it is to teach your children about stranger danger. One unsafe encounter at the park could lead your child down a very dangerous path.

Joey Salads is an entertainer famous in the US for his prank videos, but when he showcased his video entitled Child Abduction (Social Experiment) to the world, he became the face of stranger danger and an advocate for awareness. The social experiment video demonstrates just how important it is to teach your children about interacting with strangers and to be sure they understand it, even if there’s the promise of a puppy at the end.

Using an adorable dog named ‘Donuts’ as his bait, Salads is able to lure three children to take his hand and walk out of a busy park with him, with a promise of more puppies. All of the children’s mums assure Salads that their kids know about stranger danger and have been taught never to talk to them.

Salads points out that more than 700 children are abducted every single day and his social experiment proves just how easily it can happen.

child abduction post two

I was shocked to say the least after watching this. Like the mums in this video, I had 100 per cent faith that my two shy kids would run back to me without a second glance at the stranger or the puppy. But after watching this, I’m not so sure.

What do you think your children would do?

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