Must-watch: The gentlest c-section birth you’ll ever see

The most peaceful and amazing thing you’ll see all day is this adorable bub delivering himself via a gentle c-section.

Posted on instagram last week by Venezuelan doctors, the incredible footage shows a baby peacefully entering the world from his mother’s stomach without assistance from surgeons.

Could this little guy be more relaxed?

A relatively new birth method, ‘gentle’ or ‘natural’ c-sections are on the rise and it’s not hard to see why after watching this video. Viewed more than 15,000 times since being posted by the clinic (mother and child are anonymous), it shows the baby (who appears to be a boy) slowly delivering himself head first.

What makes a gentle c-section different?

In traditional caesarean births, the baby is removed by doctors immediately after a small cut has been made in the mother’s abdomen and womb, however the gentle c-section approach let’s the bub come out in their own time after the incision (usually around 4 minutes).

Often babies born by c-section suffer from respiratory issues as they are removed too quickly and struggle to adapt to breathing air, which is why some doctors and parents are now opting for this new gentle method which is slower and reduces risks for the child. It’s also considered less stressful for babies and helps mothers feel more involved.

With hundreds of comments such as ‘wow our bodies r amazing,’ ‘so beautiful’ and ‘this has blown my mind;’ people around the globe are fascinated by just how incredible a natural caesarean can be. And so are we!

So peaceful. So amazing. So beautiful. Let’s watch again ahhh.

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