Must watch: 5 incredible videos of en caul births 

These stunning videos capture rare and incredible ‘en caul’ births – where the infant is born inside the entire amniotic sac. They occur in fewer than 1 in 80,000 births and the sight of these newborns perfectly contained in their unbroken membranes is nothing short of mesmerising. We thank these amazing parents for sharing their incredible footage with the world.

Content warning: Graphic birth footage

1. A glimpse into the womb

You can actually see this little baby’s hands moving around inside the sac as they’re being delivered.

2. A peaceful entry to the world

Here you can see the placenta located at the back of the sac. Remarkable.

 3. The sac is opened

Watch as the doctor ruptures the membrane and the baby emerges.

4. The baby rests

A detailed view of the baby and his umbilical cord, coiled inside the sac, moments before entering the world.

5. Nature intact

Even doctors get excited during these special births.

What a privilege to see these rare and beautiful moments! Have you or anyone you know had a birth en caul?

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