Must-see videos: father live streams wife’s labour, and the incredible ‘natural caesarean’

More and more women are giving the entire world access to their births, inviting thousands of complete strangers into their most intimate of moments – resulting in some astounding caught-on-camera events. Like these two very different births – one live streamed by the father, the other a gentle ‘natural’ caesarean. 

In what is quite possibly the first birth to be streamed via Facebook Live, expectant dad Fakamalo Kihe Eiki posted “Let’s try pushing this baby out” earlier this week as he recorded the birth of his son. The video was being broadcast live via Facebook’s new video feature – and has so far been watched by more than 40,000 people.

The father can be heard encouraging his partner to push in the video, which lasts for 45 minutes. According to CBC News the mother knew she was being filmed, but didn’t know it was being live streamed, saying, “I was OK, I was just focused on pushing… it is a beautiful thing, nothing to be ashamed of. And it didn’t show too much so I’m OK.”

The couple welcomed a baby boy, Ngangatulelei HeKelesi, a Tongan name, reportedly meaning ‘sweet aroma by grace’.

Meanwhile, another filmed birth is gaining worldwide notoriety, even though it was posted more than 12 months ago. Sarah Saunders posted an amazing video on YouTube, showing the caesarean birth of her son at England’s Torbay Hospital- who she says ‘delivered himself’.

She says, “I wanted to share this video to show that if you are unable to give birth ‘naturally’ that having a natural caesarean is the next best thing! In this amazing video my son delivers himself after the surgeon helps his head out.” It’s certainly a departure from many caesarean births, and is fascinating to watch.

While natural caesareans have been practiced with private patients in the UK for a decade, a clinical trial is set to begin this year in Britain to gauge its benefits as an option for all birthing mums.

Now take another look at a different kind of birth with the dad who filmed his daughter’s arrival on his GoPro.

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