Ed Sheeran was so chuffed to have a baby named after him, he sang HER a song

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British crooner, Ed Sheeran, has just gone and won over a few more thousand hearts after dedicating a song to an almost one-year-old baby named after him during a recent concert in Miami. Talk about one lucky little lady!

His smallest fan

Little Cooper Sheeran Smith attended her first concert a week ago on August 30 with her parents Rocky and Harmony, and fittingly it was Ed Sheeran up on stage. You see, the musician was the inspiration behind her unique middle name, which her parents decided to give her because of the significant role that Ed’s music has played in their lives.

Boasting noise cancelling headphones and a cute pink sign that read “They named me after you!” Cooper rocked out to Ed’s tunes before being serenaded by the singer himself once he noticed the sign and (after a quick chat with her parents) found out what made her such a special audience member.

“Cooper, we’re going to sing this song for you,” he said, before launching into one of his hit songs, Dive. Swoon!

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A night to remember

Cooper’s father Rocky Smith proudly posted the video of Ed singing to his daughter on his social media accounts, with the singer also posting an audience pic from his concert which unknowingly features Cooper in one of the front rows with her sign.

It was a special night and touching moment for the couple, who as they told Huffington Post, struggled to conceive naturally. Harmony ended up undergoing intrauterine insemination on Christmas morning of 2015, husband Rocky then played Sheeran’s song Tenerife Sea straight after. A month later they discovered Harmony was expecting.

Cooper’s first name is the name of the street her father grew up on in Queens, New York, with her middle name a nod to their ginger musical good luck charm, Ed. When she was only one week old her parents took photos of baby Cooper in front of a print featuring the lyrics from Tenerife Sea. And you’ve probably guessed that Ed Sheeran’s songs fill the air waves at home, in the car and even the bedtime lullabies the couple sings to Cooper. 

Baby fever

It seems that babies follow the 25-year-old singer wherever he goes, and Cooper isn’t the first tot to make headlines alongside Ed Sheeran’s name. Despite having no plans to become a father as yet, he’s already been forced to deny paternity jokes after a lookalike baby girl named Isla sent the internet into meltdown mode earlier this year.

“She’s not mine!” Ed was forced to splutter on a British morning TV show, after hosts pointed out the uncanny likeness. Luckily no one was pointing fingers this time around. Cooper is most definitely not the singer’s baby.

What other baby shenanigans will pop up for Ed next?! We can’t wait to find out!


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