Mum’s warning after discovering her toddler’s near-deadly mistake

We’ve all done it: seen something in our home that we really should child-proof, and we assume we’ll eventually get to it. But as Victorian mum Chrissy McDonald discovered this morning, there’s nothing more important than ensuring your home is safe for your kids – because the consequences could be deadly.

Chrissy is a busy mum of three who runs a bustling organics produce business in country Victoria. This morning she was jolted out of her usual routine, when she laid eyes on a horrifying sight – a key pushed into an electrical outlet at her home. And she realised just how close she’d come to losing her one-year-old daughter.

“If this power point was turned on this could of been the end of my little Laney girl’s life!,” Chrissy explains in a Facebook post. “Our whole world would (have) been tipped upside down and everything that we have achieved in life would (have) disappeared!”

mum plug warning2

It’s prompted Chrissy to warn other parents of the dangers of exposed power points, telling Babyology that this morning’s discovery was an eye-opener.

mum plug warning1

“I looked at these power points two weeks ago and thought ‘I need to do that’ and to look down and see this morning has taken me two steps back! Please everyone remember place the power point covers on all your power points! Don’t think, ‘oh they are so annoying to take out all the time though’. Just do it!”

Chrissy says it’s also a reminder to be grateful for every day with your children – and we couldn’t agree more! Check out our handy guide to keeping toddlers safe around the home, and make it a priority to get your house child-proof today.

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