Mum’s twin breastfeeding share: “If it makes you uncomfortable keep scrolling”

tandem feeding

A proud mum, deep in the satisfying feels of feeding both her babies at once, has shared a beautiful tandem-feeding image on Instagram, urging any pearl-clutchers that may be offended to keep on scrolling.

Sharing the magic

Kathryn Johnson is a brand new mum to 5-week-old twins, Cassius & Capri. She’s just started learning to tandem feed her babies, with a bit of hands-on help from her hubby, and has posted a beautiful photo of co-feeding success to her Instagram account.

“Learning to co-feed my twins! I definitely need an extra set of hands to get everything and everyone set up. Thanks to my husband we finally made it happen today. Thought I’d share the magic,” a palpably triumphant Kathryn wrote.

She had some no-nonsense advice for the Do We Really Need To See This? Brigade:

“If it makes you uncomfortable just keep scrolling.”

We wholeheartedly agree with Kathryn’s scroll on advice. We really do need to see images of women breastfeeding as long as people continue to shame – and even sexualise – a completely normal and natural maternal activity.

Achievement unlocked

Breastfeeding mothers of twins usually spend those very early days mastering feeding their babies one-by-one. It’s a huge achievement when mums can correctly attach TWO babies at the same time –  and feed successfully. We are not surprised Kathryn was keen to share her triumph far and wide. We would too!

Bravo, mama bear!

This gorgeous image is a taste of things to come – literally! – for these obviously much-loved babies.

Kathryn’s Instagram followers felt privileged to witness this special moment, with other twin mums chiming in words of encouragement.

“I’m tandem feeding my girls, 5 months in! It gets easier and I can now get them both on with ease! Keep going mama!” one mum wrote.

“This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. I nursed my twins for three years,” another posted.

“This is the most beautiful photo. Bravo mama bear,” one follower encouraged.

We certainly feel lucky to catch a glimpse of this adorable, snuggly, baby-hand-holding moment! Thanks so much to Kathryn for sharing.


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