Mum’s take on famous painting will give you a new appreciation for art

This mum gets an A in art appreciation.

You may not be familiar with funny mum Bunmi Laditan, but you really should be. She is a comedian, author, mother, and, just recently, she added the coveted title of art critic extraordinaire to her resume.

And after reading Bumni’s interpretation on famous painting The Motherland by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, it’s clear that she should be the one teaching our next generation of art history students.

Why? Because her review of what’s really going on in the painting is bang-on brilliant.

Look at this mother's face. You know that curly-haired toddler at the top is asking for chocolate milk even though she…

Posted by Bunmi Laditan on Sunday, 7 August 2016

Countless art critics have dissected this painting and most reflect on the colours, the brush stroke, the texture and the meaning behind the artistic representation. But what’s really going on? What do we really see?

We see a mum who is about to lose the plot, who is in desperate need of a glass of wine, a trip to DJ’s to pick up some clothes and possibly a reliable form of contraception.

“Look at this mother’s face,” Bumni starts out. “That curly-haired toddler at the top is asking for chocolate milk even though she just sat down and his father is in the kitchen.”

“The little girl on her right staring up at her adorably wants to know when they’re going to the splash park. The mom mentioned that they might go two days ago but had been hoping she forgot. Nope, this one has a steel trap memory.”

Bumni doesn’t stop there. Oh no. She goes through every single one of the children in the painting, including the neglected child on the left and the two children at the bottom who are about to get into a fight: “One will get a black eye which strangers at the grocery store will assume the mother did.”

Then there’s the child who wants to snuggle “but it’s 6PM and she’s so touched out. She snuggles him anyway because she feels guilty and doesn’t want him to call his kindergarten teacher “mommy.””

She also touches on the child with the bum towards us who is in desperate need of a toilet. “Daddy is free,” Bumni explains, “But [the child] likes how she wipes him better.”

And let’s not forget the two children with their arms around each other who, as Bumni clarifies, are building up the courage to tell mum “they ‘accidentally’ emptied a 5lb bag of flour on the floor and the dog is making snow angels in it.”

That pretty much covers it, except for the mother herself, who, “is so tired she doesn’t even realise she’s got a titty hanging out”.

Clearly overtired, over-stressed and over being annoyed by her soccer team of children, she still manages to keep her cool and wear “that golden laurel wreath on her head like a mother hugging boss. Bravo, mama. Bravo.”

We all recognise this face. We’ve all been this mum. We all know the chaos behind the stillness of the photo. We just needed the brilliance that is Bumni to interpret it for us.

Oh, and, as Bumni adds in the comments, “she’s probably pregnant too.”

“And her kids are getting Lunchables for dinner.”

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