Mums reveal struggle with toddler tummy troubles

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Mums are feeling the pressure to ease their toddler’s distressing digestive issues, with the latest research revealing toddler tummy troubles are impacting families at an alarming rate. Mums are seeking out ways to ease their toddler’s symptoms, with some professionals highlighting a formula switch may be the key.

A recent Galaxy survey of Australian mums has uncovered that digestive issues are causing toddlers – and their parents – a huge amount of grief. More than half of the 250 mothers of toddlers surveyed say digestive distress is causing sleep issues.

When it comes to deciphering toddler talk, it can be akin to learning a new language. But it appears toddlers are proficient in letting their mums know that their tummies are the cause of their discomfort – the survey reveals mums are dealing with crying, cranky toddlers who struggle to get to sleep. In turn, 55 per cent of mums say their toddler’s digestive distress affects their own sleep and that of their partner.

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One of the biggest hurdles to solving the problem is how to find help – with more than half of mums surveyed unable to find credible and helpful information on improving their toddler’s digestive health, and what role toddler formulas can play.

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With the research indicating four out of five toddlers are dealing with digestive issues, experts have highlighted ways to tackle the painful problem. Dietitian Melanie McGrice says, “Almost half (46 per cent) of mums change formula type to address their child’s digestive issues with mums most often looking for formulas with prebiotics or probiotics. Encouragingly, almost 60 per cent said the strategy solved or helped reduce the problem.”

When it comes to prebiotics, Head of Food Science and Nutrition at RMIT, Professor Harsharn Gill says they are able to specifically change the composition, and activity of bacteria in the gut.

“Oligosaccharides, oligos for short, are commonly used as prebiotic ingredients. They occur naturally in high concentrations in goat’s milk,” he explains. “Studies have shown that the prebiotic oligos which are present in goat’s milk improve health and wellbeing by fostering a healthy intestinal environment from an early age.”

The professor and his team reviewed the literature available on goats’ milk, and discovered it has up to six times more oligos than standard cow’s milk.

“Several oligos present in goat’s milk are similar in structure to those found in human breast milk and are therefore likely to provide similar health benefits in infants. Goat milk oligos have been shown to possess anti-infection and anti-inflammatory properties.”

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Oli6 Dairy Goat Toddler Formula is a minimally processed, nutritionally balanced formula with a host of naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals including magnesium, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C and, of course, prebiotic oligosaccharides.

Find Oli6 at selected pharmacies across Australia or online direct from Oli6.

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