Mum’s photo captures moment a lethal snake slides past her smiling toddler

toddler and snake

#Straya : Forget snakes on a plane, in this narrow escape a mum witnessed snakes on a plain… right beside her adorable grinning toddler. Gasp!

OH MY Golly….snakes are on the move!!! I was out taking a photo of my daughter for Jodie @twinklestardesigns and…

Posted by Bianca Dickinson on Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Go ahead, snake my day

Bianca Dickinson was taking photos of her little girl for a friend’s fashion label when something caught her eye.

What she thought was a rogue piece of bark on a particularly windy day turned out to be something altogether different – and more lethal.

“OH MY Golly….snakes are on the move!!!” Bianca posted on the Sunrise Facebook page.

“I was out taking a photo of my daughter… and thought I saw something move! It’s really windy here so I thought it was a bit of bark flying from the tree. Looked up to see this massive brown had just passed my 2 year old,”

Bianca says she was counting her lucky stars (and, we suspect, buying a lottery ticket!)

“I can’t believe it didn’t touch her!!! Once I was home I checked my camera and found this shot!”

“Don’t be fooled”

Commenters on the page were either horrified or in awe.

Some said snakes generally leave people alone and coexist happily with other species – even boisterous and adorable toddlers. Others said they were wildly unpredictable and should be given a wide berth.

“Wow… that snake is huge… clearly didn’t feel threatened at all.. lucky but great photo I’m sure your hearts still going 10000 miles an hr and thinking about what could have happened,” one person wrote.

“Mating browns will so attack. Don’t be fooled, they are quick and any farmer will tell you they chase you while breeding,” another warned.

“There would have been another brown snake in the back of my undies!” one commenting clown quipped.

We’re kind of with the last guy.

Snake-y selfie

While some were quick to judge this image, situation and parenting in the usual outraged multitude of ways, it’s obvious this mum didn’t go out of her way to sidle her daughter up to a snake. No doubt she was as surprised to spot the sneaky specimen as we all are.

How lucky for this pair that everything turned out okay, and how amazing to have a visual record of this lucky escape.

Excellent toddler-ignoring, snake! Great snake snapping, Bianca! Excellent bite-avoiding, little one!


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