Boobs gone rogue! Mum’s hilarious breastfeeding snap is #mumlife in one photo

Zoe Hendrix

If you have ever breastfed a baby, the following image – posted by Married At First Sight’s Zoe – will have you nodding your head (and snorting at the memory) simultaneously!

Boobs gone rogue

Zoe Hendrix posted the funny shot to Instagram a week or so ago – and other mums responded with delight and solidarity when they stumbled across it.

“MILK JUGS gone uneven,” she captioned the shot of her boobs looking slightly… awry. “One of the many joys of breastfeeding.”

Apparently the situation did not go unnoticed during Zoe’s poolside day out, because all the staring eyes!

“I wondered why I got a few stares at the pool that day. Awkward!” Okay. A few staring eyes. But still… RUDE. Zoe hashtagged the shot #mymilkshake #bringsallthebabiestotheyard #normalisebreastfeeding and normal breastfeeding it really was.

Commenters were testament to that, immediately weighing in with their own misshapen “milk jugs” tales (one of my kids used to call one of my boobs ‘The Big One’, so I can totally relate!)

“Power boob!”

“My right is an appetizer the left is the entree!” one wrote.

“I call my left boob my ‘power boob’!” another follower posted.

“I called mine sufficient and insufficient. They’re still uneven now,” one mum shared.

“The one blessing while breastfeeding twins, at least each breast was drained!” a reader pointed out in excellent glass-half-full style.


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Mastitis has hit me again 😣 I saw the doctor yesterday after the tell tale signs lingered all morning (fever, fatigue, sore/hot breast) He has prescribed me antibiotics & said if it doesn't clear by Monday, we may look at surgical drainage. I am continuing to feed as frequently as possible as recommended, but it is so damn PAINFUL, and I find myself swearing a fuckload. 😐🙈 @alex_garner_ wants to help, but he can only standby and offer words of encouragement as his nipples are made for decoration purposes only. Breast feeding is hard and for me it has been bittersweet. It can be exhausting, isolating, painful and cause incredibly anxiety (I keep having this strange paranoia that my milk will dry up..😕) Yet it can also be incredibly rewarding and the benefit to our babies is so incredible. I hope this clears up and I can continue for my personal goal of at least 12 months – but if I can't I hope I can find peace with that. Any tips to prevent Mastitis? #Mastitis2Zoe0 #Fuckingpainful 😓

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Modesty please?

Perhaps predictably, some viewers of the image found it immodest and suggested Zoe cover up. We don’t agree with this sentiment at all, but it’s interesting to note that some sexualising dinosaurs are still banging on about modesty when it comes to feeding babies.

“Just in reference to your hashtag…” one follower wrote. “I think breastfeeding IS normalised, of course everyone knows it’s natural, it’s just that some people don’t feel comfortable watching it. Hell I don’t feel comfortable watching it and I breastfed 3 babies. Just covering with a light muslin wrap or something isn’t that bad, that’s what I did. We can still be modest about it. I don’t think society will ever be ok seeing women with their boobs completely hanging out whilst breastfeeding. It’s just how it is.”

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To THE STAY AT HOME MUM: I can imagine it isn't easy doing what you do, day in day out, in a role that doesn't get the value and respect it should in our society. But to spend those precious years with your babies must be amazing. I salute you for the many sacrifices you make. You're a great mum! To the mum who goes to paid WORK: It's wonderful that you're providing an income to support your family and following your career goals, you're a positive role model for your children in so many ways, it's fantastic. I salute you for the many sacrifices you make You're a great mum All of our journeys are different and we should unite and support each other in our individual choices and give the middle finger to the comparative, judgemental bullshit that surrounds this decision. I know it's one Iv been thinking a lot about already. #bringbackthesisterhood #whenwomenunitewearepowerfull 🙌🏾 #marriedatfirstsight @alex_garner_

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It’s not how it is. Or how it needs to be. 

“Society IS ok with seeing women’s breasts hanging out,” Zoe responded. “Look at all billboards and ads – BUT if the boobs are doing what nature intended them to do (attached to a baby) people lose their minds.”

Of course, Zoe is 1000 percent RIGHT. Thank goodness mums like Zoe are doing what comes naturally, when and where they choose, in all their wonky, uneven glory. Even in bikini tops!

It’s super encouraging for other mums to see the highs and lows of breastfeeding portrayed so openly – and to hear stories from other mums about the realities of feeding babies.

Good one, Zoe. :)




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