Mum’s GP visit takes startling turn when kids find Kamasutra-style storybook

Mummy Laid An Egg

A regular old trip to the doctor’s turned into quite the life lesson thanks to a Birds and the Bees type storybook in the waiting room. Cue all of the wide-eyed questions, all the day long!

Well!!! That doctor's surgery visit took a surprising twist!….Adem picked up this innocent enough looking book "…

Posted by Katherine Peck on Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Mummy Laid An Egg

Katherine Peck posted her story to Facebook last week and it’s provided a delightful amount of amusement to all that have stumbled upon it.

The exciting kid-focused title in question is called “Mummy Laid An Egg” and has actually been around for a couple of decades (as is the case with most things in waiting rooms).

The book tells the story of how babies are made, helpfully informing children that mummy has “an egg” and “a little hole” and daddy has “seed pods” and “a tube”.

Naw. Miracle of life! Much romance!

Let it all hang out

The story casts modesty and hangups aside, taking children through the mechanics of sex, Kama Sutra, curvy-stick-figure style (see below).

Little readers can witness the aforementioned egg, seed pods, tube and hole making friends via a series of wonky illustrations unsettlingly designed to appeal to children.

It’s a bit like The Block meets Burke’s Backyard, sex terminology-style.


Mummy Laid An Egg

Setting the bar adventurously high

We are quite worried that this book sets unrealistic expectations when it comes to making love.

When readers of this title grow up, we’re dead certain they’re going to feel mighty ripped off re the skateboards, giant bunches of balloons and neon Space Hoppers not being de rigeur in the bedroom.

And whoever came up with the idea of clown sex needs to take a good look at themselves.


It all started well…

The book apparently sparked some interesting conversation between Katherine and her 4-and 8-year-old – even sparking a newfound love of books in her eldest.

Well!!! That doctor’s surgery visit took a surprising twist! Adem picked up this innocent enough looking book “Mummy Laid an Egg!”. (Haha, aren’t us mummies clever!!)

All began routinely enough, with ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ and such, but I was ill prepared for the most sudden U-Turn on Page 6, where we’re introduced to Daddy’s friendly looking ‘seed pods’!

No holds barred on Pages 8 and 9 either, where apparently ‘this fits in here…’ (sounds easy enough) and then what can only be described as a child-friendly Kama Sutra guide ensues on Page 10! Aerial acrobatics, fetish clown outfits and space hoppers (fun times!)

To say Ayla (8) showed a sudden interest in the ‘silly baby book’, is an understatement! Cue the 4 billion questions I hadn’t planned answering today – Katherine Peck

It does not go unnoticed that there is an elderly person with a walking stick sitting directly opposite this family in the waiting room.

Presumably she’s learning a thing or two about how babies are made while she waits to get her bunions looked at…

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