Mums are going nuts for this game-changing, wearable ‘smart’ breast pump

Willow Breast Pump

This clever, hands-free breast pump from US company Willow is not only wearable, it’s also a “smart” device that tracks the date, time spent expressing milk and volume of milk pumped for weary mamas.


“No external tubes. No cords. No dangling bottles.”

Instead, purpose-built plastic bags are tucked inside the pump, and nursing mums pop the whole kit and caboodle neatly inside their bra.

The pump is designed to provide the most comfy expressing experience possible, encouraging the “let down” reflex and then adjusting to a woman’s natural milk flow.

The milk storage bags that slot inside are BPA free, recyclable and food safe. They also have a one-way valve to stop precious milk from spilling, averting exhausted mum disasters.

While a connected app is designed to complement this uber-smart device, it works perfectly well without the app use, too.

Willow Breast Pump pack

No hands, mum!

The makers of this useful device say that the pump was designed to be worn completely hands-free – and that women are even wearing it out of the house and pumping on the go (admittedly sporting a more ample bosom when they do!)

It’s apparently not only fairly discreet, it’s really quiet, meaning that you can be on the phone or down at the shops, pumping milk, and nobody will be any the wiser.

“Willow tucks inside your bra and works quietly while you go about your day. So you can finally pump without the need for a private place,” its makers say.

This clever breast pump is certainly taking multi-tasking to a whole new level and promises to make this often time-sucking task a bit easier to achieve.


Willow Breast Pump milk bag

A new sensation

The device was just debuted at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show and is due for release in the US spring, making it’s arrival just a few short months away.

Reps for Willow said that the pump will retail for around $400US. No word yet on pricing for the milk bags and other parts, but you can register for updates via the Willow website.

Hopefully this amazing prototype is just the beginning when it comes to better breast pumps, and with a bit of competition, there’ll be a more diverse range of similar devices at various (and hopefully more affordable) price points in the near future.


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