Mums embrace their perfect imperfections through photography project

In what has become somewhat of a worldwide movement, mums are readily bypassing Photoshop for more authentic images of themselves, shedding inhibitions and stereotypes of post-baby bodies.  And this photographer started by putting herself in front of the lens.

Photographer Neely Ker-Fox says after a near-perfect first pregnancy, her second threw her a curve ball, and shattered her confidence.

“Unlike with my first pregnancy, in which I bounced right back and in fact liked my body more, with my second pregnancy I barely recognise this new body I’m living with,” Neely says. “My abs are separated from my pelvic bone to my sternum, I have an umbilical hernia in need of repair, and I’m currently in physical therapy due to back problems stemming from my abs being weak. I have stretch marks. I have sciatic nerve pain in my bottom.”



On her way to self-acceptance, Neely decided to go down what is becoming a rather well-worn path, and start a photography project showcasing post-baby bodies in all of their perfectly imperfect glory.



As well as empowering women, the American-based Perfect Imperfections project is also raising funds for charity. And Neely is keen to expand it beyond mums.


“Women, all of us, have lines, scars, and stripes on our bodies that cause us insecurities. But they also tell our stories, and show our strength. Cancer? Childbirth? Car Accident? Hysterectomy? Currently pregnant? Any way that your body has been modified that causes you insecurities is a reason to sign up and participate in this project.”


You can see more of the photos from the project at Ker-Fox Photography. You can also browse our previous posts on post-baby body photography, The Shape of a Mother and The Bodies of Mothers.


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